Exceptional Delaware has the details….

But really this just makes every Delawarean parent outraged… Ready to punch Hefferpuss in the face?…  Did you get why?

Since the only way teachers, administrators, and superintendents would ever take the anonymous survey, fully knowing their views in today’s modern age could be traced directly back to them, was if it were legally binding that none of the information put on the TELL survey could ever be used to fire a themselves for simply telling the truth about Common Core….

Instead on orders from Rodel, the DOE pulled the survey…. All that money, wasted, costing far more than the sand abatements of Indian River bridge that brought down a previous administration,  That was pilloried as a big waste. This is over twice that… A GIGANTIC waste of money, because…. because….

Obviously the only thing this survey was for, was to track down who those were not on board with the corporate philosophy, and fire them…

Since they wouldn’t  be allowed to do that… they pulled the survey…..

Parents… if you ever doubted, this event shows you what is wrong with your child’s education… Your child (if over 10) KNOWS today’s education is a crock of shit… He has to. He sits in the middle of it every day and knows that none of the pie in the sky he is told makes any sense anymore…. So why are we following this crazy mixed up agenda? This is because Rodel doesn’t, and never has cared about children one iota.

To them it is all about profit… Nothing more, nothing less, nothing else… Profit, profit, profit…. so much so, that they will pull the survey when it can’t be used to weed out whistle blowers who don’t go along with their corrupt agenda.  Your children are seen by Governor Markell, Mark Murphy (from Rodel… duh), Dave Sokola, Earl Jacques as pawns, as stepping stones, as marketing tools, as means to an end and that end has absolutely nothing to do with children… that end has nothing to do with education. … that end has nothing to do with being college and career ready……

How do we know this?   Because if they REALLY cared about children, they would have said…. “sure put anything in the survey you want.  All we are looking for is information…..”  That is what people do, who love children.

Instead, they pull the survey in a tiff, waste tax money that now you will be re-referended to regurgitate, all because they could not be allowed use it for their nefarious ends….

If anyone sees Paul Hefferpuss….punch him in the face for someone’s child… if you are lucky and get the chance, punch him hard enough to put him on this ass for a whole classroom…..

This is all the proof any parent needs to demand our legislature take over the DOE now, remove this governor from any and all education policy, fire all RODEL personnel embedded in our Department of Education…. Legislators… what the hell is wrong with you… !!!   Do something… anything… If you abolished the DOE today…. we would all be better off because immediately, it stops the downward spiral getting worse….. Even if you just cleaned house at the top of DOE, we would be better than we are today… If you just override the governors veto on HB 50 and every other constrictive piece of educational legislation dismantling Common Core and the Smarter Balanced, you cannot possibly do worse than what we have now…. That is theoretically impossible.

“I want to be known as the education governor…”  said Jack Markell in a State of the State address.  (so much that I will pull the TELL survey if I can’t use it to fire teachers who dare tell the truth that my policies are not working…)