The threat to veto and the closeness of the possibility to override it… (right now it looks possible) in all the excitement this seemingly generates, it is drawing, it is sucking all the wind from a more important story which still needs told…..

We would not be talking about a veto if Common Core was successful policy…. 

If you ever needed proof that Common Core needs to be ditched completely, having the “Education Governor” (who led the governor’s  “reform educational movement” leading out of the Great Republican Recession of 2009) on the skids locally for his educational policies to the point that his veto is about to be overturned…….  who could have ever imagined that in 2009?

It means his policy (Common Core) is a disaster.

Sure he can stake his hopes on a massive counterattack, similar to the 1945 German offensive known as the Battle of the Bulge, but in the larger context it is pretty obvious that general momentum of the war has turned, and that it is only a matter of time until the requested unconditional surrender is received….  parents (representing the Allies) are winning this war over children, and  the corporate reformers such as Markell, Murphy, charter schools, Great Oaks, Rodel, and Longwood Foundation, (Nazis) are losing ground on a war far to extensive and widespread for them to contain…..

As did Hitler, they will continue to exhort… The Germans used 12 year old boys to temporarily hold Berlin against the Russians so its generals and party officials could escape…. (Those boys’ role today is being played by Governor’s commissions). The fighting  against the opt-out movement will continue but for parents of children everywhere there is now light at the end of this long tunnel…..

We should be grateful that in this war we are not killing people. just setting policy… But it has become rather clear that if the Governor feels threatened enough to veto an attempt to simply allow parents to control the education of their child, this reform movement cannot advance any further in a democracy…

For corporate educational  reform to now go forward, they either have to a) change the Constitution, or b) do away with it all together…. The People have awakened, and going against their anger in a democracy, makes ones party lose the next election….  That is what democracy, is.

This is not the time for Opt Outers to pull back.. This is the time to ramp it up, and get this war over (they are on the ropes) …. soon, so we can have our loving children in our arms again…. not some skeletons whose brains have been sucked out by a relentless cruel Smarter Balanced test designed only to pigeon-hole your child into a useless, dull, demeaning future……