There was a lot of political flack when Deldot during the late months of the Minner administration finally discovered that the Indian River Bridge they had  contracted and was being built, was structurally unsafe and had to be demolished with one being built anew. (thanks JoAnne.)

The bridge would collapse.  It made no sense to continue building it. And it would certainly make no sense to let people drive across it… So they tore it down, and rebuilt the magnificent bridge that is there today…. then sued the engineers who cost us money.

Though there was plenty of blame being thrown back and forth as to whose fault it was, I don’t think I heard anyone argue for continuing the building of that bridge because we needed to handle more traffic getting across the inlet….


Contrast that with the Smarter Balanced today… The governor’s task force acknowledges the massive horrific deficiencies of the entire Smarter Balanced system, but argues for it, saying:… “We need testing to measure results…. ”


Contrast that with Earl Jacques caricature of representing the Educational Overseeing Committee of the Delaware House.  “Though these tests are extremely flawed and dangerous, we still need these tests to measure results…..”


Contrast this to the governor stating that even though these tests are “not the best”; have considerable “deficiencies”‘; are “doing the best they can”, they must be used because we wouldn’t have a measurement of our schools otherwise.


So what is entirely different between tearing down a failing bridge and supporting a failing test regime?  It is this:  no one they know is going to take that harmful test; everyone they know at some point has to drive over that bridge….

Imagine if we’d kept that bridge simply because we got rid of the old one first?   Well, that is exactly what is happening with this Smarter Balanced Assessment…. It is unsafe,  (100% child psychologists say do not let your child take this test) and supposedly because we don’t have another one, we are keeping it open so when it does collapse ….. it will because of our stupidity take a lot of people with it….