The only argument opponents of HB. 50 can effectively make to balance the thousands of arguments that parents have for opting out their child…. is this one…

“the validity of overall test results will be undermined if large numbers of students do not participate in the assessment.” ….

It dawned on me today as I read that:    that is exactly the point of opting out….

  • If you knew you were going to have a bad court appearance, you’d seek a continuance or change of venue.
  • If you knew your boss was going to fire you, you’d call out sick so he couldn’t.
  • If you knew your marriage was going to be a mistake, you’d call off the wedding… or not show up.

That is exactly the point.  This test is so horrific, so malicious, so inane, so bizarre, so misappropriated, that taking it is not good…  Why would, or how could any parent NOT opt out their child to spare them the ignominy this test will bring upon them?

All tests are flawed measures of education… this one is a travesty to even those previous poor tests.  This test is dangerous and undermining its assessment should be a public duty of ALL citizens, not just parents of children in school……