As the opt out movement takes fire with the test-taking in progress pouring on the gasoline, there has been one rebuttal by the testing associations that the News Journal has been slow to debunk….

We need to know how our kids are doing. Test data tells us that.

“Well, not exactly, Mr President”… (borrowed from the movie Independence Day relating to the moment where the President is informed that his curt dismissal of the the “Roswell Legends” is mistaken)

This test does not tell us how our kids are doing…. (You have... taken the test for your child, right?)  if you as an adult have difficulty figuring out what each question is asking (don’t worry, every adult and child has trouble with these tests), you have to ask yourself:  really? What good does this do for my child or any child?…

Most parents who take the test, do ask that question, and like Representative Kim Williams, opt their child out of the Smarter Balanced Assessments….. After you take the test, It is the only thing that actually makes sense.

When the State tries to instill the claim that we need data to run our schools, they are embellishing a little on the truth… You the critical reader, must immediately ask:… “So….. how on earth did schools get run all those years before we had data?”  

Exactly. Point made. The checker piece is king’d… You see?  We truly don’t NEED data to run our schools.…  Otherwise you and our Governor would be a nincompoops as would his henchman Secretary Murphy… because both you and them came from schools that had no data gleaned from these mandated standardized tests.  In fact, much consternation  by real parents has been sounded nationally because Common Core’s two biggest proponents, the President and Secretary of Education, send their own children to private schools which emphatically don’t use this type of data to run their schools….

Data is good for those who make money selling it… For the rest of us, it is pretty much bunk.

Now let us delve as to why this test is so horrendous so that every parent needs to opt out, but such was not so for the: DSTP, the DCAS, the SAT, the PSAT, the ACT, the NAEP that all came before it…

Put simply, whereas those tests were based on reality;  this one thrives on fantasy.  it is a fantasy to hand a child a Rubik’s Cube and determine his entire adult future by how quickly he solves it…

The Rubik’s Cube is the best analogy.  You see, no child was ever trained on the Smarter Balanced Assessment; they must guess to figure it out.. All Delaware’s children will be taking it for its first time, so no child has been taught what is on their grade’s Smarter Balanced Assessment.  The Smarter Balanced Assessments are by design, set two grade levels ahead of each child’s class.  There is no preset benchmark passing score, as in being over 70 is proficient…. It will be entirely graded on a curve… meaning if all students actually do well, only the top 30 percent would pass… Likewise, if all students do horribly, the same top 30 percent will pass.   Make no mistake.  All those passing will be white… they will come from affluent parents…. they will have had solid households growing up…. they will be well fed that day, not hungry…. oh, and, did I mention they will be all white?

Taking this test is like guessing the number of jelly beans in a jar in order to vote… this IS Jim Crow all over again. (Seriously, you HAVE taken the tests, right?)  You can not argue with any such statements unless you have taken the test. Period…. Take your child’s test!

And this experiment becomes etched permanently on your child’s record.  No parent can read the future.  Someday these scores will be the cut score of who gets in to play, and who stays pushed-out….  Any child not pushed through into the elite by their tiger moms, will be forever marked as “second-rate”… They won’t say it’s because you are not white… at least, not to your face…  But if you are Black, or Hispanic, or an immigrant, you just got regulated to the back seat of the bus… again.

“We should know by 2nd Grade, if a kid is going to college or not”  Arne Duncun — US Secretary of Education and proponent of Common Core.

If our future turns dark suddenly as did Germany in the 1930’s, and mankind become powerless to turn back its tide, there will be two groups of people who will have the power and determine who makes all the money in our future… Those whose parents from day one rigidly trained them to pass the Smarter Balanced Assessment….. and those whose parents, said… “Oh, no!… No way is my child taking this bullshit test;  I’m opting him out… that’s the only positive step  I have left to improve his future…. ”

Don’t delay;  testing is going on today! Opt out your child.