The Wheels On The Bus Go Round And Round

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Everyone knows Hollodick is trying to become the next Secretary of Education for the State of Delaware…  Everyone knows that is why his tongue is up Rodel’s ass (figuratively as if Rodel had one) and why he rides the same bus as those who pretend that opting their child out from this horrific test is not a valid parental option!

Everyone knows how bad this Smarter Balanced Test is…. (You have taken it by now, right?)   Why would anyone subject his child to such?

Quote:  “As a former principal and now as Superintendent, I have always supported state assessments….. I too am a parent of children who will be taking assessments this spring….”

WHEN, 100% of child psychologists support opting all students from the Smarter Balanced Assessments.

WHEN, all three of the largest school districts in this state have voted to allow they parents to opt out for any reason what-so-ever with zero consequences.

WHEN, every parent who has taken the Smarter Balanced Practice Tests has said…. “Holy Crap!  This is terrible!  My kid can’t take this!

WHEN, a bill (HB 50) by popular demand, is actually up for the Educational Committee review, overriding anyones authoritarian objection by any who have stated parents are not allowed to opt out their child from being guinea pigs in this national experiment of psychological torture!

WHEN, because “they” are absolutely afraid of this bill passing by popular demand, it is currently being bottled up in committee where it will never see the light of day, unless you get on the phone and demand it be cleared for a vote!

WHY, would you look any other way?

Because you are putting “your own interests” above those of the children under your authority….. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO OTHER REASON TO BE OPPOSED TO THE OPT OUT PLAN OTHER THAN ONES OWN PERSONAL SELF INTEREST.

That includes Mark Murphy, lol, chief for change.

That includes Jack Markell, lol, lame-duck governor.

That includes Dave $okola, lol, educational “whore” in the $enate.

That includes Pete Schwartzkopf, lol, Mr.”I’ll-Bury-It-For-You-Jack” in the House….

That includes Greg Lavelle, Mr. “Really, You’ll Get Me On Chuck Todd?”……


Christina Board has voted for the opt out.

Red Clay Board has voted for the opt out.

Capital Board has voted for the opt out…

Why is is little Hollodick of Brandywine hiding in its little pussy cage?


I say we should bring them out, …out of hiding, …out into the open…  We should start a campaign calling out Hollodick and the sycophants on the Brandywine School Board for being the pussies that they are… Afraid to face facts because it does not jive with their “own self interests”…. To hell with your children!

So, his era as Pussy-meister starts today……  and ends when his board votes to join the opt-out movement.

Will you Join us all in protesting his willingness to sacrifice his children and yours to the alter of the Smarter Balanced, from where all are violated, and only 30% return alive,


Dial That number ….. wait for the message…… and cutely say…..”Meow” one, two, or three times….. and hang up….  If they receive up to 40,000 meows that would send a far more powerful message than any formal debate or argument… (Plus, it sinfully is so much fun for us to do; like being kids again/ you know you did it)….  You don’t need to add pejoratives…  A simple meow will get listened to, and registered as a cat-call for being a cowardly pussy.   (Because everyone likes cats/facebook tells us so. )

You should then email their school board members here……

And since Brandywine is voting soon on two positions….. these four might like to be included….  🙂

VOTING DISTRICT B – Term expires June 30, 2020.

Arthur H. Kirksey III
Kristin C. Pidgeon

VOTING DISTRICT E – Term expires June 30, 2020.

Karen P. Gordon
Diana Hornung Hanby 

Just say Meow”……  They will be surprised at first… but eventually word will get back to them and they will figure it out….  It has been so long since we’ve had a protest where we could do so in the privacy of our own time, that was so much fun, and make a point so effectively to those in power…..

Just say:  Meow….  Pussies like to hear Meows…….