It is time to stop hiding behind the tired charade that the DOE is discriminating.  You were lucky that it worked once.

Instead, it is time to use these two schools to challenge the real argument underlying these closures….

Is it fair and constitutionally viable to use bogus test scores to affect any decision affecting a child over his lifetime…..

If the test was fair… you would not have a case…  But there is massive piles of uncontestable evidence showing that standardized tests are not a fair assessment of what a child knows…

And to close schools on something so prejudicial, is against the law…  It is a violation of CIvil Rights that rich white students can go to Newark and Wilmington Charter Schools, but poor, impoverished blacks cannot learn at a remedial school designed to help them catch up…. where, of course the scores will be low.

These tests are the equivalent of kicking people out of a 2000 m race because they aren’t in the top third after the first lap…

A lawsuit challenging standardized tests, has a far greater chance of winning…. because….. all the evidence is there.