April 1st deadline.  Schools under Formal Review for insignificant Enrollment.


Prestige 59%,

Freire 35%,

Delaware Design Lab 46%


Exploding yet another myth by the Charter School’s proponents… (They blah, blah, blah, over at Kilroy’s comments all the time). You see the public doesn’t want Charter Schools.  Those people who make money off Charter Schools want charter schools…. (If you have a building, and a charter school takes it over, you get over $2 million a year for the rent; whereas, right now, it is costing you money) …..

It is a myth Just like the one where “the people” wanted Citizen’s United.  Just like where the people wanted a “power plant for jobs”. Just like where the people wanted the Smarter Balanced Assessment.  Just like where the people want a non-union entity to takeover the port of Wilmington, just like where the people want to pay more to support Bloom boxes being made at the Chrysler Plant.  …..

The people don’t want charter schools!  Some do, but those tiny few can’t overrule the rest of us…. “We, the people” now, can they?  Especially when it is clear that for every Charter Student that goes forward, 4 regular students suffer severely to make that happen…….

If we must have charter schools for political pressure reasons only (to take care of my buddy Rich, over there), then they must be funded out of the General Fund  as a line item on our budget and leave the existing funds for public schools (which We, the people, do support), alone….