smarter balanced math

Mark Murphy’s Quote here:

“It is an academic checkup.  I think that’s incredibly important for our parents to remember is that at the end of the day we want to make sure as parents that our children are making adequate progress.  That progress that they need to make so that they are ready after high school to be successful.  And the Smarter Balanced Assessment that we will administer once a year provides an academic checkup for parents, for kids, for educators.   Is that child on track?  It’s nothing more than that.”

“But that aside, the information is powerful.  It provides all of us with an understanding about how our children are doing.  First and foremost, the kids themselves, but right on through us policy makers.  And if we do not have the ability to measure the progress our kids are making, then we do not have the ability to make great educational decisions, from the classrooms right through to the Legislature.”

“But let’s not overdo it here, cause some of this nonsensical test prep work that has gone on over recent decades does not help kids.  What we need to do is make sure that kids have great, real, authentic problems to solve in school and that they are demonstrating their knowledge in real life kind of ways”…

Just paging all scientists and engineers:  Does anyone out there use fractionated exponents?   This one never has…. There are far simpler ways to express the above problem…

x divided by the square root of x, (which obviously would be another square root of x since it is it’s own square root.

What the above question does is hand a child a rubiks cube…  with multiple sides requiring manipulation simultaneously on which any block gets misplaced, the entire question is marked wrong…

The concept or Common Core standard being herein expressed is:  does the child know that two similar square roots multiplied back together will give him the original number?

Yes. but even though the child knows that standard, this test will not allow him to express that since he will most likely make a mistake on one of this question’s seven complicated steps….

If the Smarter Balanced Assessment simply asked… what happens when you multiply two square roots of the same number together….. some of what Mark Murphy may have said would ring true….

But it is this test.  This test which does the opposite of what Mark Murphy, Jack Markell, Dave Sokola, Greg Lavelle, Penny Schwinn, Earl Jacques say it is supposed to do…

All this test does is hand your child a messed up rubiks cube and say “here: figure this out and if you don’t WE WILL FAIL YOU; FIRE YOUR TEACHER; AND CLOSE YOUR WHOLE SCHOOL”…….

This test and philosophy have got to go, and only you can eradicate it by exerting your God given will to control your child’s education….. You must opt out to save your child…..

(and this was the easiest question on the test….)