A.  It prevents 95% of students from taking the test, meaning all test results  for those who got stuck taking it, are void and null.

B,  It prevents a GIANT blemish on your child’s permanent record; one that should have never been there.

C. It prevents your schools’ takeover based on faulty data.

D. It prevents your good teacher from losing her job, based on faulty data.

E.  It prevents your child from being bussed away from his closed school to another one across town, based off of faulty data.

F.  The tests are set for grades 2 levels above what is being tested.

G. The tests do not show what your child has or has not learned.

H. The tests psychologically profile children into groups who aren’t and who are prone to be favorably cultivated for later sexual abuse.

I.  Your child’s information is advertised for sale on pedophile Internet chat rooms.

J.  Your child is labeled as a FAILURE, despite grades, good homework skills, and a ample knowledge base.

K. Your family’s political affiliation, your religion, and police record are listed on your child’s profile to be looked up by anyone who pays enough for the privilege.

L.  You are never allowed to ever see the test… Maybe your child answered correctly but was given a random score.  No teacher, no principal, no school official, no parent, EVER sees the graded test….  You simply have to trust the most untrustable people we have ever seen in our lifetimes, when told your child’s alleged score.

M. These scores are used by big business, investors, and bribed elected officials (Sokola, Scott, Jacques)  to close schools, pay people less, and fire people for faults not of their own…. They do nothing for your child.

N.  Universities have said they will not use these scores in evaluating students matriculating into their classes… Meaning that there is absolutely no value in your child taking this test simply to get secret information on your family which can then be sold to anyone willing to pay $79.99 for unlimited number of reports for one year.

O.  Your child feels dejected, broken, stupid, and a failure… The joke is if this test never existed, he would see himself as being a good student.

P.  Your child will be ruled out of entering certain careers based on results in 1st and 2nd grade….  Imagine you being ruled out of your current profession because of what you did in  first grade?

Q.  All know that if everyone tells you that college is not in your future, you will never apply hard to make college become part of your future.  This test completely segregates blacks and Hispanics out of all good jobs starting in 2023…

R.   These test questions are illegible to adults… (have you taken the test?)  Adults can’t even figure out what is being asked.  Kids just guess.  And live by those guesses for the entire rest of their life….

S.  Once taken, these test scores can never be erased… except by a mandate ordered by each state’s General Assemblies.  However once information has been “leaked out”… it is out there forever…..

T.  Killing this test; kills Common Core… Common Core is a whitewash and dulling down of education so all students do poorly in life afterward…  Common Core is like a fake religion… All hoopla and promises, but with no God underlying it who can enforce its edits… Common Core is very dangerous to your child.

T.  The Smarter Balances Assessment was put in place without parental involvement or concern for children.  It is as Communist as anything ever found in Soviet Russia.   Children are the wards of the state;  parents are simply studs and mares.

U. Common Core and these tests violate parent’s First and Fourth Amendments of the Constitution.  It never would have happened if parents had been part of its creation, and not an object to be run around in the dark.

V. Common Core is about getting rid of local control and instilling Federal control over your schools’ curriculum.

W. These tests destroy your child’s future….


Opting out is now a parent’s only option… The Federal Government failed them.  The State Government failed them. The local school boards failed them.  The Charter School Network failed them. The corporate structure of America, failed them…  It is open season on your child…

You can stop it by not letting him take this test… If you don’t opt out, and if you do let them go through with the Smarter Balanced Assessment, your child is now a second class student, behind all those who DID opt out…..

Opting out is supported by all teachers.

Opting out is supported by all principals.

Opting out is supported by all school boards.

Opting out is supported by all childhood psychologists.

Opting out is supported by a majority of our legislators.

Opting out is supported by members of both political parties.

There are bills in every legislature regarding opting out.

Opting out is necessary…

You need to opt out your child if you have not already.