Here is a list of companies headquartered in Indiana.... Look over it (takes less than 90 seconds) and see which ones would affect you at all and then proceed to go into “boycott” mode and post something on their social media about your boycott…..

Simple, quick, effective.

For me, it came down to Delta Faucets, Three Floyds and Upland Brewing Companies, and hhgregg.

I tweeted “I’m boycotting everything Indiana” and hit @ and then typed the companies twitter accounts….

Simple, quick, effective….

And now, I have to stay away from those  companies products on my Delawarean shelves…. No real suffering since Indiana has so few companies of note within it’s borders…  That was a surprise.  But seeing the type of company Indianans keep inside their borders: hateful religious bigots, I guess it is no wonder nobody wants to live in Indiana.