In fact it undermines the basic tenant of all corporate school reform, period.

That premise is that since our teachers are failing our students based upon these faked standardized tests, (by now all of you should know they are TOTALLY faked; nothing real about them at all)  and we need to get rid of them…

The Scientific Research funded in part by the very people trying to destroy the existing teaching profession, REFUTES that entirely...

You see, as with other professionals, like doctors, lawyers, architects, CEO’s, scientific research shows that experience does indeed count when it comes to basic things: like knowledge retention.

Under corporate policy of “use and abuse them” it had previously been assumed that teachers after 5 years lost their edge.

The study finds that not true at all..  Just as you would want someone to build your house which had done it before, and not someone who only knew how to read plans. so it is with teaching… Those who have done it before, tend to get better results onto forever than those who just step out of the gate….  Just as you would want your gall bladder removed by someone who’d done it before…and not some young kid looking off a YouTube video on his laptop.

In fact, as with most professionals even, those individuals who have the most education and the most experience, tend to give the most results…  Not some kid wet behind the ears…

The only reason for hiring wet eared kids is a) they will work for cheap; b) they will usually do what the boss tells them to, both good things to have in a privately held and run corporation… Not so good when it come however, to educating YOUR kids.

And the advantage is not only with test scores (Teachers with experience 10-30 years, boosted scores 40%) but the real advantage of an older professional teacher core,

Regarding nontest outcomes, the data show that as teachers gained experience, they were linked to lower rates of student absenteeism. The researchers postulate that more experienced teachers got better at motivating students and in classroom management, resulting in better attendance and fewer infractions.

The study also found suggestive evidence of benefits to time spent on reading and homework completion.  The nontest findings were most marked for reading teachers rather than for math teachers, in contrast to the student-achievement findings, which were stronger for the math teachers.

This goes directly in the face of our current DOE and our Governor.  Both blame teachers for the poverty their students undergo.   Research points that firing experienced teachers in priority schools and priority districts, is the absolute worst thing you can do… For the child.

But it makes great sense if you are trying to privatize public schools and want the dirt-cheapest humans found, to staff its useless positions….

What can you do?  You must opt your child out, or if by chance you have no children and read this, you must insist every child-raising parent in your circle knows this…  To protect their child’s education in its future, they must opt out….

Politicians follow the will of their constituents.  Therefore for betterment to occur, you must first opt out children and they, under pressure, will then dismantle the entire reform process.  Only then, will your child and the future of America be safe.