It has recently come to my attention that shenanigans are taking place inside the DOE to counteract the massive numbers of parents opting out.

I’ve gotten feedback now from parents in two separate unrelated districts who have said their children were made to take the same ELA test 4 times.

Will three of those tests be used for someone else?  Someone who opted out and who didn’t take it?  If so, why are we going forward with this sham, since these scores do not represent real people?… Obviously even more now than before, this punishment upon our kids is only about getting a certain number of respondents… It has nothing to do bettering with kids.

If elected officials appreciated our kids as children, we would stop the test now….  Since that won’t happen it is up to parents to stop the process…. Pull your kids off the railroad tracks before the train bearing down on them runs over them!

Why would kids take the same test 4 times?  Except to push the totals up to 95% if more than 5% opt out!  We need everyone to opt out, thereby making this political test a one-year debacle only…..