When perpetrators of evil try to have their way, fear is the tool they use.  Threats of you will die if you do this; you will be punished if you do this; you will suffer if you do this are often enough to make us rather follow the will they set, than flee to ones we have which are our own.

Against that, we have moral obligations.  We feel morally obligated that women should have the same rights as men. We feel morally obligated that people with more melanin in their skin should not be treated differently than those with less.  We feel morally obligated that children should not be tortured simply because they are powerless to object.

It is this moral responsibility within ourselves, one we can turn on or off, that keeps evil from growing out of control. For like a  object set in motion in space, evil continues until it is stopped with a counter force.  Since we have the options of turning on and off this capacity within ourselves, fear by those who in turn fear us, is the tool used so we silently abstain from letting that switch flip from “off” to “on”.

But once that switch does get flipped, amazing power seems to become bestowed on that person.  Fear is as invisible to them as the daily air we breath.  Though it is all around then, they walk through it as unconcerned as we walk through molecules of oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide.

It is this which needs to be harnessed in the opt-out.  We do have a moral obligation to protect children from this horrid test.  As parents we take oaths to ourselves, our God, our Church and maybe our children, that whatever happens we will do what it takes to save our little ones… We promised.

The time to renew those oaths is now… “Whatever it takes” is readily defined… It is opting your child out of these tests…  It is preventing this horrid test result to be embossed on your child’s forehead forever like the “Mark of Cain”.

“Your child is not good enough” this test says… It says nothing about his school… it says nothing about his teacher.  it says nothing about you as parents… Everything everyone has done forever up to now, has always been fine.  But now, with one new test, 70% of students… will “not be good enough” anymore, and will forever carry that tortured scar inflicted upon them by cruelty, …. really…. and nothing else.

It is times like these, you have to trust “love” … If you really “loved” your child… what would you do?  This is the great question now running up and down every parents’ mind in this state right now…

What would you do?

Watch your child’s beautiful spirit die right before your eyes, when all you had to do was keep him out of school?  Or would idle threats of “you’d better do what authority tells you to do” get you in a dither, so you’d rather lose your child forever than suffer the wrath of some unknown entity you’ll never see again?

Fear versus Moral Obligation.

You, make the difference.