teacher creds

Photo courtesy of FOIA’d document

Click to enlarge and you will see what supposedly makes an effective teacher….

  • Academic Strength
  • Teaching Promise
  • Candidate Completer Diversity
  • Content Knowledge
  • Pedagogical Content Knowledge
  • Teaching Skill
  • Completer Rating of Program
  • Impact on k-12 students
  • Demonstrated Teaching Skill
  • K-12 Student Perceptions
  • Entry and Persistence in Teaching
  • Placement Persistence in High Needs of Schools

None of these would be found in a Teach For America Graduate.  Yet all are all found in all University of Delaware graduates or graduates from other teacher acclaimed colleges.

So why would our DOE and Governors office and Charter School operators even mention that putting Teach for America in schools after firing 50% of regular public school teachers is even a good possibility?

Simply because they are cheaper.  Proving once again Rodel, Vision 2525, Governor Markell, Charter School Network, Penny Schwinn, Mark Murphy, Dave Sokola, Earl Jacques, Pete Schwartzkoph care very little about children… They however are very interested in making money off those very same children….

This is just one more grain of proof that our current DOE is so far out of kilter with every parent of every child. We care about children; they could care less.