Grading the Governors

Courtesy of Education Weekly

Click Image to enlarge and you will see that Delaware is one island of orange in a sea of green.  Our neighbors by dragging their feet on educational reform and slowing the advent of Common Core, were able to stem the tide better than us, who against all expert opinion rushed headfirst into Common Core curriculum and it has cost us.

Name one family of executives who looking at this map, would still want to settle in Delaware?  In Cecil County? Maybe. In Salem County? Maybe.  In Chester County?  Maybe… But certainly not any of Delaware’s three counties unless only it was absolutely necessary.

This downward slide was predicted and is now upon us.  Notice Kentucky, which rushed into Common Core.  Notice Tennessee, the other Race To The Top Winner.  Notice Florida, which is undergoing Jeb Bush’s reforms.

Compare that to states that did not jump on Common Core.  Wyoming. Minnesota, Vermont, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Connecticut…

If you want exact proof that Common Core is the sole reason that the slippage occurred, notice Rhode Island, once green is now, like Delaware… orange… Both state’s secretaries sat on the board of Chiefs for Change… Both were gung-ho in their implementation of Common Core.

These are the real results.  These are not speculation.  Common Core is destroying the very fabric of education… states following it are crashing and burning; states that said “no thank you, we’ll see how it works first”, are doing just fine…

This is Sokola’s and Jacques’ fault.  The governor often criticized, is just an enabler.  These two wrote the legislation that pulled the rugs out from underneath Delaware’s parents. Delaware’s teachers, and Delaware’s schools… Those two individuals, are responsible for the entire slide of Delaware’s educational excellence shown on this map…

To get ourselves back in line with our peers we need to do the following.

  • Eliminate the Smarter Balanced Assessment.
  • Eliminate all Common Core Curriculum attachments
  • Eliminate Dave Sokola and Earl Jacques in 2016.