He saw New York.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo;   $4.8 million from Charter School Investors.

A new report showed that hedge fund executives over the last decade have poured nearly $40 million into political contributions just in New York state. The prime beneficiary over the last few years has been Governor Cuomo, who has received almost $5 million.

The funders names are familiar.  We’re talking about Carl Icahn, you know, the famous “corporate raider”; we’re talking about Paul Singer of the vulture fund, hedge fund guy; we’re talking about Julian Robertson of Tiger Management—some of the richest people in New York City. And they’re also, most of them, also major backers of charter schools.

One charter network alone, the Success Academy, 19 members of the board of directors, or their family members, gave $600,000 to Governor Cuomo’s campaigns in the last—for his last two election campaigns…

As went New York, so goes Delaware.  As the childrens’ scores go down, a necessary predecessor for the Charter movement; the money levels to corrupt politicians go up, and we get more bad policy….  The only way to fight money this big, is for every parent to opt their child out of the test... PULL YOUR CHILD!!!…  and when you vote next election, vote only for those who told you the truth;  who upfront said: the Smarter Balanced Assessment is a bad test and should not be foisted upon our children….

100% of child psychologists cannot be wrong.