A. Call your school principal… Ask to speak to him in person ( expect he will have to call you back).

B. Whenever you get into a conversation,  buy up 5 minutes of time with small talk ( the answer will be forthcoming below)

C.  Ask him about the weather.

D.  Finally say:  the reason I’m calling is that I want to opt out my child from taking the Smarter Balanced Assessment.

E.  Shut down his answer with “I already know that”  “That’s why I’m calling you… How are you going to make sure he/she doesn’t take it?”

F.  “What day is he supposed to take the test?”…. ( He will have to get back to you)

G.  “Ok, if you don’t and my child gets sent to take the test, what are my options?”

H. “When you get a satisfactory answer, allowing your child to opt out…. say  ” Good, I really didn’t want to follow through with that  lawsuit.”

J.  Thank him for his humanness and for seeing the reality of the damage these tests will cause your child, and for doing the right and brave thing in supporting you the parent in the education of your child.


Then drop a line here or anywhere on Social Media explaining how it went….


If just one person per day calls… that takes about 15 minutes to get through … Instead of leaving for the day at 3:30 he now has to stay to 3:45… If two call, then he has to say till 4:00… IF three, 4:15.   If just ten people call, he will have to stay 6:00… If only 20 call, he will be there until 8:30…. If we can get 30 people… just 30 people a day to call and opt out, he will remain there until 11:00pm…

If this happens across all schools in all school districts, a resounding pressure upon the General Assembly will swell to enact legislation abolishing the Smarter Balanced Assessment’s use for everything….

  • It cannot become part of any child’s permanent record.
  • It cannot be used to evaluate teachers.
  • It cannot be used to evaluate schools
  • It cannot be used to open charters.

As such, it should be the first bill on the floor when the session returns… It should be the first bill passed with 100% unanimous votes in favor of its passage, this legislative season…

But it will take that one call from you to start it….