common core walkout

Students:  if all else fails… take a walk… Get up and go outside… Your counterparts are doing it all across this country.  Carrying signs that say… We are not a test score…. They are leaving their computers, getting their stuff out of their lockers, and walking out…  You have a Constitutional Right To Express Your Beliefs!  You can never be punished for it!

Seniors need to lead the way… and all other classes need to follow… There needs to be a citizens’ uprising against this test.  Most of your parents seem have no clue or be far too timid.  … Not true with you… You need to set the moral example, like your parents or grandparents did in the 60’s.

Say “Fuck this Shit.”  Get up, get your things and walk outside….  If you have signs hold them up for passing cars and shout… “Stop the Common Core… Down With Corporate Whores!”