60 people showed up at the PTA meeting yesterday to get information on all sides of opting out ones child….

For a detailed look go here….

But to summarize…. out of all those very concerned with educational issues, who are very knowledgeable about children and parents, 58 plan to opt out their child.

If 58 out of 60 educational specialists or parents knowledgeable about the issue,  believe that opting out is in the best interest for their child… shouldn’t that be telling you something?

It now appears the only ones who take the test will be children of those parents who did not get word, who do not know any better. Get the word out to them, beginning now…

No child should take this test….. 

ITTS… IT’s This Test, Stupid.  The problem is THIS test….

  • Tell them to call their principal and find out what day their child is scheduled to take the test.
  • Keep him/her home on those days.
  • If they try to trick him into taking the tests, tell him to get sick, go to the nurse, have her call you, and you go pick him/her up. Then give the principal an earful for making you miss work!