As I travel and speak with myriads of people, I have begun to garner a sense pervading across this entire nation, that most American feel their country has been taken over away from them, and that they are powerless to make any future impact upon its direction.

There is a lot behind that feeling.  Citizen’s United makes one feel overwhelmed by continuous Koch Brothers ads massively spread across our media.  Giving us two allegedly opposing parties, serving the same master. Then add to that, legislators who once elected, have forgotten by whom they were elected to represent.  Elected officials seem to carry special interests’ ($$$) needs over the overall good for the American people…

Much of this frustration comes from the total invisibility of this across our nationally run media.  As one feels immense personal frustration, one sees across ones landscape no other acknowledgement of it and settles upon the idea that one must be the only real human feeling such, and should therefore stay silent. Added, is the frustration that comes from knowing that everything we do, is and has been recorded and someone can revisit each moment at a later date rearrange the data, and burn us for it.

All these make one feel quiet, and keep to themselves….

People used to be mad at taxes… That is long gone. Today they are mad that no matter how well they work, no matter how great or productive they are, their employers will never pay them more… and will eventually go to great lengths to remove them once they have used up all their creativity in order to replace them with someone younger, more chirpier, and cheaper.  If by luck they have a great humanitarian who would never do that, it is only a matter of time before he is sold out to someone who cares little for people as people and only sees them as capital…..

To grab ones gun and go after someone… is madness. and will get no result.  Even doing so makes you the individual appearing to be mad, and not what you hoped to portray, which was that you were the sole sane person expressing frustration through violence against an insane system…
However, accepting the status quo because you can do nothing about it, eats a person out from their inside… They become shells, not human beings…  Therefore, if you wish to have a good life, one needs to vent or protest, or revolutionize their situation, to make life worth living again, a life of hope and opportunity.

If you have school age children, either as a parent, grandparent, or guardian, you can deal a giant blow to this whole aggrandizement of foes facing you.  You can throw a wrench into the grinding gears dehumanizing all of us and bring the giant machine to a stop…  It is more than symbolic.  Great trouble must be taken to stop the machine, find the problem, fix the broken parts, and then get all on board to agree to start it up again.

If enough children do not take the tests in Delaware this spring, and we need 7000 to hit that mark.. none of the standardized tests will be viable.  For a test to be viable, 95% of a schools student’s must take it… Anything less, and the test is scrap..

If the tests are scraped, in order to close a school, they have to look at the kids themselves.  If the kids are improving (as the University of Delaware itself attests is happening in two of the soon- to- be- closed priority schools). then the schools can’t be closed down…

If a teacher is awesome, she can’t be fired, which is exactly what will happen to all awesome teachers whose classes are impoverished, while mediocre teachers imbibing shots of tequila get high marks because their students were affluent…. The tests do not measure abilty. They only measure the poverty level of ones classroom.

If a student is trying his best, and is doing better than either his mom or dad could when they were in school, he now can’t be held back one grade just because as a third grader his upbringing at home wasn’t on par with those of intellectual, affluent parents whose children were blessed to perform at levels deemed appropriate on a test advanced two grades ahead of normal.

There will be no evidence to convict your child of being a horrible person….

You can fight back by keeping your child out of school when the school is giving your child its test… Call your school. Your principal is required to tell you the truth… If he lies, and your child finds himself being escorted to the computer lab, tell him to get sick, stay at the nurses and you will pick him up….

This sounds like a small step… It is huge… If all America steps up and says no to taking this test,  we will relearn that we do control our destiny and the destiny of this nation… WE can then move on to something else… There are times when we ask our nation to help us, and it has… There then comes those other times, when our nation needs our help, without which it will expire.  This is one of those times… Your children need you to act… now

Opt out your child from the Smarter Balanced Assessment.