Exceptional Delaware has the details.  But the bottom line is simple.   Teachers cannot be pre-certified to give the Smarter Balanced test  prior to the test being given in less than 10 days….

Despite millions of Delaware’s and Federal dollars handed over to for profit companies to make these tests easy for teachers and students, they aren’t…

Is it an unreal expectation to expect the same breakdowns now occurring with teacher pre-certification, to happen on an even greater scale when every Delaware child is forced to do the same?

It is time for responsible adults to step up and demand these tests stop, in Delaware, at least for this year..  Read what teachers are undergoing… I dare you.  These are college educated professionals, many who cut their teeth on computers and are quite savvy with technical operations when they run right.

This software is not running right.

Now, imagine third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth graders undergoing what these teachers just did?  And schools will be closed over it? Children will be failed over it?  Teachers will be fired over it?

IT is absolute madness what this Department of Education has done to teaching… It is absolute madness what this Department of Education expects from these kids.  It is absolute madness how keystone cop-pish this entire enterprise is…

Too much money, with too little supervision, has given us Fisker II.

Just read the above linked-to results… All that money was wasted…  And we aren’t even talking about the content of the tests themselves… WE can’t even get to the tests themselves because we don’t have internet capacity allowing us to gain access….

It is Fisker II.. But instead of just pissing money to the wind as we did with Fisker I… this time what we are doing,  damages children… It damages them intellectually.  It damages them emotionally.  It damages them morally…

If our legislature, if our teachers unions, if our PTA, if our school boards, If our media, cannot do the one single adult thing that is needed, which is to stand up to this governor and say…  “This is absolutely ridiculous, It stops now… ”  then there is no choice but for each parent to take that responsibility upon themselves, and then during the next election, remove all those cringing cowards originally elected to watch our back…

As a parent, if you feel this test endangers your child’s future: opt out your child….  Just make arrangements for them not to go to school beginning March 6th.  Call your principal and ask when the tests will be taken.  If your child gets tricked into taking the test on a day you weren’t aware, then tell your child to get sick and wait in the nurses office until you can get there and pick them up…..

Children who take this test will be damaged for life… Again, read what the teachers just went through.  Don’t let your child take this test....   if you haven’t taken your child’s test yourself… you need to click on the link and see what all the fuss is about…   ITTS: It’s the test, stupid.

Nothing more; nothing less.