Major responsibilities include: 

What does it mean when our own elected representatives have to hire a marketing director to sell their policy to the people who elected them to look out for their (the people’s) own best interests?

In other words…. shouldn’t our government be doing WHAT WE WANT….  and if so, why would they need to SELL US on doing what we want them to anyway?  Do you see where this is headed?

They are selling us something that is bad for us so they have to market it, as one does exercise machines that cost thousands to sit on your enclose patio,  with glib ads. With counter attacks. With …well… what ever…

It is a sign, the issue has already failed.. And the Smarter Balanced Tests have not even been taken yet.

And as evidence of its failure, let us look at where “students”, you know those children who we send to school, fit in with this marketing plan…  Shall we?

Line 1 (above):  Anything about … students?

Refine and lead the implementation of a communications/engagement delivery plan that outlines  how DDOE can maximize opportunities for targeted communications and partnerships.

What this states in plain language:  how to run a political campaign (lies) to reach certain dummies who yet don’t have a clue.  (The dummies aren’t the students: they will only call them that as did Arne Duncun, AFTER  the test results arrive).

Line 2  Btw, where are the students concern’s here?

What this is asking for is a lobbying campaign, not just with legislators, but with other organizations related to schools.  And we all know how trustworthy lobbyists are.

Line 3.   (still no students)

This position is about holding the line.  Keeping  the message.  Making sure it gets through.  Btw, in corporate speak, strategic usually means “lying”…  Do you notice the difference between a communicator and an enforcer?  A public relation’s person would use mass media.  This is hiring someone to pick up the phone and call John Young  or John Kowalko directly and tell him to vote with Jack Markell on all issues.   I hope someone tells him back  to his face… “Sorry, I can’t help you. Your policy hurts kids. ”

Line 4.  (Say isn’t education supposed to be about students?)

Translated… ???   Lie, Lie, Lie… and when caught…. lie your way out of that too.   Very similar to how the German’s handled Auschwitz seventy years ago…

Line 5.  (Maybe this time we will hear something about what education is all about:  the students?)

Translated:  we need pro charter and pro corporate messaging without any chance of the real world reality slipping up our argument.  All members of the DOE must swear a loyalty oath, to uphold the DOE above all else, including citizens, legislators, government officials, law enforcement, auditors, FBI, CIA, and NSA, or any party not mentioned herein…  None of these entities will get information that has not  first been cleared officially… That mean you John Kowalko… No more of your meddling FOIA requests….

Line 6.  (I guess no one gives a hoot about students in our Department of Education Office here in the state of Delaware.)

Translated into:  you lie first, then make sure everyone else falls in line……

Line 7.

Translated… When Dave Sokola calls and is under attack in the General Assembly by facts showing his lies are transparent…. back him up with more lies… that aren’t transparent…

  • Other duties as assigned by supervisor.

Oh,,, like show how all this is beneficial to students….


Yeah, right.

The point of this exercise, is to show that this policy has already failed… It is bad policy. It is wrong. It is dangerous. It is detrimental. It sets our state backwards. It is a public relations nightmare for this administration. It is simply, (as a student would put it:  wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.)  Therefore Delaware taxpayers will foot another yearly salary of  (top secret)…

Imagine this scenario

Himmler:   Fuhrer.  If they find out we aren’t putting these Jews in plush vacation homes on the Baltic Sea, there will be a great uprising among the people….

Hitler:  Ok, Him.  Do what you have to do… Hire a Communications Director.