All Republican parents need to join Republicans across this nation and opt out of the Smarter Balanced Assessements this Spring… In Delaware, they begin on March 10th.

So says Michelle Malkin, conservative pundit on Fox Network, and contributor to the National Review….

Here are recent events as described by her.

Between 2011 and 2014, the number of states actively signed up for PARCC dropped from 24 (plus the District of Columbia) to ten (plus D.C.)

State legislators and state education boards in Utah, Kansas, Alaska, Iowa, South Carolina, and Alabama have withdrawn from the other federally funded testing consortium, the $180 million tax-subsidized Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium.

In New Jersey, the parental opt-out movement is “exploding… Many superintendents have conceded that “they can’t force a student to take a test,” reports.

Last week, Missouri withdrew from PARCC…

Chicago parents, administrators, and the school board of the Chicago public schools spurned PARCC in the majority of their 600 schools.

In California, the Pacific Justice Institute offers a privacy-protection opt-out form for parents to submit to school districts at PJI head Brad Dacus advises families to send the notices as certified letters if they get ignored. Then, be prepared to go to court. PJI will help. The Thomas More Law Center in Michigan also offers a student-privacy opt-out form at

A federal No Child Left Behind mandate on states to administer assessments is not a mandate on you and your kids to submit to the testing diktats. And the absence of an opt-out law or regulation is not a prohibition on your choice to refuse.

in Colorado, the state board of education voted this month to allow districts to opt out of PARCC testing..

MANY parents across Colorado — FAR ABOVE 5 percent in many schools — are refusing the tests, and not one school yet is facing the loss of accreditation, funding, etc. As long as schools can show that they gave a “good faith attempt to get 95 percent to test, they can appeal a loss of accreditation” due to parental refusals to test…

Just say no.  Here’s an opt out form.   Or write your own.  You are the parent.  You are the legal authority. Remember, the  state recognizes that:

(i) a parent has the right, obligation, responsibility, and authority to raise, manage, train, educate, provide for, and reasonably discipline the parent’s children; and

(ii) the state’s role is secondary and supportive to the primary role of a parent.

You the Parent, ultimately are in charge of your child’s education.  You are the one who finally needs to shut down this behemoth monstrosity that actually will HURT your child; not help them.

Republicans, your leaders are calling on you to keep you child out of school during testing.  And Democrat parents should heed the call as well.  Common Core and the Smarter Balanced Assessments grind up all children; regardless of the political affiliation of their parents…  Even when their own dad switches his vote and becomes the one who allowed the Smarter Balance Assessment to do it!