This is what the Smarter Balance Assessment is designed to do.. This is what is hidden in the sadistic term:  “rigor”

(Have you STILL not taken these tests?  Scared to see the truth?)

And it is what the DOE, Jack Markell, and advocates of Charter School money into their own pockets, will never say…

The sole purpose of this test is to Measure, Pressure, and Punish…

As any parent knows, that does not work for children… They stop learning completely in that environment.  Instead their minds focus on what THEY find interesting, which may be sideline misbehavior going on under teacher’s noses.

Review:  The Smarter Balanced Test will redefine levels of academic acceptability.  Instead of having a child jump a three foot bar, they will be asked to jump a 5 foot high jump bar.  Those who succeed will be rewarded.  Those who fail will be humiliated and punished.  Some children of wealthy intellectual parents are already two grades ahead of their peers.  They will pass because the standards are jumped ahead two grades ahead of where they were previously.

Review:  Those who fail to beat the higher expectations will be held back. The teachers will be fired.  New principals will take over the schools. Public school money will be diverted to investors. (I believe with that last sentence the motive for continuing this charade is obvious to all who read it.)  This puts great pressure on all those involved.  So much that cheating is rampant, (Michelle Rhee) in order to fake the results more positively.  In this environment, only the test matters… education is not about learning; it is about your test score, test score, test score, test score.

Review:  The priority schools debacle provides the first glimpse of the punishment.  A.  Disrupt schools to which the University of Delaware gave an A+ rating…  (What did the DOE say?  We won’t accept their rating… ha, ha,ha. Can anything be more transparent?)  B. Fire 50% of teachers and hire educational thugs (TFA) to take their place. C. Bring in friends of the administration at exorbitant salaries to run these schools into the ground. D.  Have schools answerable only to the DOE and not to the local boards hand-picked by citizens of whose children are in those schools. Then hopefully all these parents get so fed up, they send their children over into charter schools and the landlords of those charters get wealthy beyond their wildest wet dreams.

Measure, Pressure, Punish.

Now, as a parent, do you see how it all hinges on the first word…. “measure”?

If they can’t measure,  then it becomes very hard to pressure… Pressure against what?   You can’t push people against a wall, because there is no wall.  Instead you have the spectacle of pushing people down a long avenue with no end… To the laughing of spectators obviously glimpsing your futility.

And if they can’t pressure because they can’t measure… how can they punish?  Your child?  and YOU?  Your teachers.  Your school.  Your district?

There is currently even controversy over whether there is even an educational problem. As mentioned above, independent experts rated two of the schools slated for charterization with A+ ratings…   Seriously, how can an A+ be a problem?

Therefore they have to change the grading method… Instead of saying A’s are great, they have arbitrarily taken the A’s and divide that select group into sections slated as A, B, C, D, and F…  These new grades are what will be used and all those B’s, C’s, D’s, and F’s of before, now automatically become…. F’s…

Now they can say… Look at all these F’s… You must be punished by becoming a charter school…

To those few who were top of the old A’s category, there will be no change.  They will still reign on top… Those in the middle of the A’s, will be deemed mediocre.  And those who used to be considered A- students, will now be F’s…..

And be punished…..

As all can plainly see, this punishment is not over anything your child has or has not done… This punishment is fabricated to create a situation from which those perpetuating it, can prosper.   It is all for them… not for you, or your child.

“Whoopee!… Our charter school we got for free is now full of students each paying us with money that used to go to their public schools,”

“Yay!  Lots and lots of money that came from people who thought they were being assessed for schools in their neighborhoods, which if better funded, actually helps increase the value of their homes…  ”

“Hooray! Instead, their school assessment goes into the deep pockets of 20 Greenville natives… How about that?”

it’s done… Greg Lavelle sealed the deal last June 30th… Nothing your government can do about it….

Measure, Pressure, Punish.

But you say…. what if  no kids show up to take the test?  What if parents revolt so they can’t measure?  Would it not follow that they then can’t pressure?? They then can’t punish??  Like… how could they, if they don’t have measurements backing up their premise, even if they skewed those few results to show what they want to show, if they don’t have anything to skew, how can they go forward?  Right?


If you want to stop the Measure, Pressure, Punish Madness, opt your child out from the test… Join the opt out movement and keep your child home on the days your child is scheduled for the Smarter Balanced assessment.  We only need 7000 of Delaware’s students to opt out, in order to throw the test results into the rubbish bin… We anticipate across the state of Delaware, there are more then 7000 parents out there who truly love their children….

Because if you love your child, you have really been given no other choice by this DOE, other than opting out.