It’s done. On to the next one.  Many attempts were made to influence and change one vote.  And that one vote decided as it did… All 7 voted for what they thought was in the best interests of their students.  It may not be the way all wanted.  It may turn out very bad… But going backwards just now became a waste of everyone’s time.

All eyes need to focus forward as we all try to figure out how to land this thing…  It says a lot about human nature. If you strip away all the details, the main thrust of tonight’s argument came down to this:… a decision to choose either the “known”, or an  “unknown”…  The “unknowns” could lead to magnificent growth, enriched prosperity, or the new freedom to teach as only teachers can.  But It could also have lead to a forced closure; returning to the original MOU, where the new owners would be KIPP, who would then fire 50% of the teachers and hire Teach for America to fill in.

The “knowns” will not lead us to such great hopeful possibilities… Nor will they lead to closure of the schools. With tonight’s vote, the very good is foregone; the very bad is prevented…

This time, things were not bad enough to vote for “nothing left to lose”.. That sentiment across the time-frame of human existence, is usually the only time when great daring changes ever get made, when truly, “there is nothing left to lose”.

This was not that time.  If things work, that time may never come… If things don’t, we are one step closer to when it will….