A) A teacher who cares that they learn and who knows them.

B) Adequate resources to allow them to become curious about their world.

C) Fair Accountability by someone they know who can explain the “why’s” to them.

D) An environment of positivity.


None of these will be met under Mark Murphy’s plan to prioritize schools in Wilmington.  Nor will they be met in Great Oak’s Charter School opening up in 2015 at Rodney Square Wilmington.  They can only be met in existing public schools with adequate teaching resources, experienced direction, and human accountability funneled in…

January 6. We celebrate the Wise Men. King Herod had his soldiers kill all the babies under age two residing in Bethlehem when informed as to the nature of their visit. .  There was nothing the townspeople could do.  One day soldiers knocked on their door to run their swords through their little babies. Do not be the ones assisting our own King Herod, allowing him to unleash on our children of 6 schools…  You have fight it.  And You have to fight them.

I can see no real choice other than voting down the Department of Education’s plan and setting up a pitched battle for the next stage..  Yes they may win. but it is not foregone that they will. If you fight them… there is always the chance they may not… And that is a chance I think, which comes only once in a life, that is worth taking…

Had I been a soldier in King Herod’s court when he gave that decree, I would have put an arrow through his eye. Damn the repercussions.