When you want something good for the benefit of all, and expect a minority to disagree but have enough votes to override them, you tell the truth.  You trust that your telling of the truth will trump the lies they tell, and that the public who is genuinely concerned with getting things right, will jump on both your side and truth ….


When you have something that will benefit you while hurting the public, then telling the truth is out… You won’t go far by being honest.  “Oh, I promised a donor that I’d get his money invested in me, back through state funding before my term was out.”  Truth like that won’t get people on your side…. So, you have to .. trick them…. into letting them in….

“I’m cold” said the big bad wolf… “Please, little pigs… Show some compassion.  You have a nice fire purring and crackling; Let a tired old stranger warm his bones a spell, and then send him on his way…”

When what you propose will hurt other people, you HAVE to trick them… Which boils down here to trying to persuade them to allow you the permission to eat them alive,  In such cases you have no choice but to lie to them…

So if we see the Delaware DOE telling what are known to be lies (which even the News Journal (in their pocket) has called out.) we must ask ourselves:…. Why, why, why, why, why, does the Delaware DOE always lie?

What is so bad that they have to lie to cover it up?  Are you aware of the lies?  Do you want a reminder?

Jack Markell twice told Nancy on Sept.4th, there was nothing written up yet.  The next morning 126 pages of memorandums were plopped down on two districts desks…

All these are failing schools moving in the wrong direction;  yet an audit praised the progress of two of those schools as being exemplary.

We need to fire teachers; they are bad and we shall only rehire half and replace all those fired with substitute teachers from the substitute teaching pool called TFA.   Yet last year, 99% of Delaware’s teachers were rated highly proficient in what they do, based on test scores which are the worst judge of progress. How much better would they have ranked with more pertinent methods of evaluation?

We need to bust the union in these schools.  All they do is smoke cigarettes on the playground and send those things called twitters to Kilroy while they are supposed to be inside teaching.  Umm, hello! , None of the teachers smoke…. WTF (unless they roll a big fat one at home while grading 180 student’s Common Core essays)…

These schools are our worst.  They need turned around right away… There are other schools worse in the state. These were picked only because their students come from walking distances to the new Mega Charter School being put in the old MBNA building which will make a lot of Greenville rich.

Test Scores are the only way to rate whether a student is doing well or not… Wrong.  Test scores only rate how well a student was prepared for that particular test.  The Smarter Balance Assessment is on target to fail 70% of our children… Which is pretty good since it currently fails 98% of professional adults who take the test….  If Delaware’s most successful and affluent lawyer cannot pass the English portions of the Smarter Balanced Assessment, then those poor black children who also fail, are not being let down by their teachers or their schools.  They are intentionally being black-balled by Governor Markell and Mark Murphy…. Just like blacks were in the South, where in order to have any of rights of a white citizen, you had to answer impossible questions in order to take that right as your own.  “How many angels are on the head of a pin?  Sorry, wrong answer, you can’t vote. ”

Christina District turned their back on $3.3 million in  RTTT funding.… Well, as those of us who read the newspapers, heard Mark Murphy speak, heard Jack Markell speak, read both op-ed piece they put in the News Journal, and had to deal with the one they slapped former Mayor Baker’s name on to give it a sliver of credibility, Christina turned down $300,000 that would have cost them an additional $400,000 of their own money to fully implement, and Mark Murphy and Jack Markell punished them by taking $2.9 million away from the kids who desperately needed it!

“Oh, we don’t worry about black people… They are just thugs.  Hard to expect results from kids dodging bullets” –Penny Schwinn (paraphrased)…  Well, that is not really a lie… From all of the actions listed above, it is pretty clear that once all the necessary politics have their “t’s” crossed and “I’s” dotted, black people are the furtherest worry from their minds….


So do you trust those who blatantly lie to you, thinking you are too stupid, scared, or ignorant to contest them? Or do you pull the rug out from under their feet…

If you are looking for the best way to pull that rug, it is to have a state-wide boycott against taking the Smarter Balanced Test this spring!…  That will give our children’s education back. That will fire the irresponsible DOE we now have, and replace it with an older, more experienced human being who has taught, principal-ed, district-ed, and superintended…. For that across the test of time, is true leadership;  not someone hypnotized then propagandized to throw out pithy gym phrases like one squirts water on a fire.