It was with supreme dismay I returned to stumble over a riff between two local gurus of education.  No references shall be given.  All readers here have adequate resources to discover of whom I speak.

Point is: if Stalin and Churchill could work together to defeat a common enemy during the Second World War, one should expect petty misconceptions easily put aside considering the greater cause at hand.

There is no room for ego in this current battle against the DOE.  It is rather too obvious to us impartial second-hand observers that multiple interpretations over the meaning of one phrase can be gleaned.  There is no real merit to any argument here; just the misconstruing of perceived digs that have no validity.

Anything lacking merit needs to be overlooked by all participants, simply for the sole reason it distracts from the finite amount of attention which can otherwise be given to incoming attacks on a massive scale being made against our children.

The attention and waste of blog space given to this matter is an embarrassment to all of us who should be far more worried about an upcoming MOU or mega charter, than how someone can twist a phrase in such a way as to feel they need an apology.  That borders pure silliness. We see the egos of others on other boards puff out their chests to take umbrage over little peccadilloes and we laugh at their foolishness.  The same standard obviously applies to us, and we need to curtail any such actions in the future.

It’s time to get back to work. Now, who can give me those links referring to what secretly went on in the DOE this holiday weekend?