Six schools in Wilmington were given close to $1 million each over 5 years and put on a priority list.

Some people say the $1 million is a good thing…

However simultaneous to this attempt,  there will be a considerable number of charter schools going into Wilmington.

Next year, 2015-2016 Frere school expects to take on close to 356 students.  According to their application, their predicted budget will be funded to the tune of $2,083,200 in state funds, and for the first year $1,246,224 from neighboring districts… (RED CLAY and CHRISTINA).

So, apparently based on scattered test results we have failing schools, and are investing roughly $5 million into those two districts to make them right.  Yet with this one school alone across the exact same span of time, we are taking over $7,061,936 out of those two districts in “School District Local Fund Transfers”…

There is also another brand new charter school coming into the city next year. Great Oaks School is budgeted to take out during its first year, $879,299 in local fund transfers. Across the same  5 year time frame as these priority schools,  Great Oaks will suck out $6,262,170….

So where we had a great press conference announcing $5 million dollars were going to help poor little black kids get an education in inner city Wilmington and the News Journal on cue came out singing “Hail to the Chief, Hail to Our Saviour”; the policies put in place by our hailed Chief, our hailed savior,…. sucked $13,324,106 out of the very budgets providing all other funds for those six schools!

Over the next 5 years based on just these two charter school alone,  a net loss of $8 million will occur to these two districts, most of it coming from inner city Wilmington…. And at least 8 more charters are on the way and unless you do something political, will be operational in the same general area as these schools.

So while Christina and Red Clay frantically race the clock to put in a plan on how they will pull these inner city schools out of priority status over the next 5 years… I do wonder if in their plans, whether they are planning for a combined loss of $30 million dollars over the span of these same five years? If their plans do not account for the loss of charter pupil expense, they aren’t realistic plans.

“No big deal if these schools fail,” says this administration… “Only poor black people live there…..”

Charter schools should be funded solely by line items in a state budget and no funds should  transfer from public to private, attached to each student attending charter schools… Only then, will all our children get a real crack at opportunity to better their lives.