The election was lost by Dem’s.  Elections don’t mean anything to them anymore.  It was fun to push in the first black president.  And when he started getting mocked, well, it was fun showing Karl Rove’s crowd up, making him meltdown on national TV… but what good is a vote anyway…. a term is four years right?  We can skip a mid-term, what the heck. Tired of those commercials anyways…

Looking over all the data, in areas where Dems voted, they won. NH, California, and Oregon. Where they didn’t, they lost.  It is like the defensive team never came out of the locker room after halftime….

Lesson learned is that this is us, and will always be us.  It will be repeated every four years; every midterm. Their side always votes full out regardless. We have to focus not so much on ourselves being vague, kind and benign to Republicans so their side will choose to stay home (they never do) but instead, figure out how to get our people excited enough to wait in line 5 hours if they have to, just to say they voted in an off year….

That is how you do it. And primarily in an effort to keep the Southern Blue Dog Democrats still in their seats, we did not do that…..

Lesson learned.