Just look 30 miles north to Philly… Exactly what is currently being proposed by Jack Markell and Mark Murphy for the taking over of  the 6 schools with GPS coordinates closest to Rodney Square….. mirrors that which went down in Philly…. Exactly…. Step by Step…

There are only three American Publications worth noting. Salon is one  of them… This week they focus with razor sharpness on the planned demise of the Philadelphia School system… Any legislator who does not read this, needs marked for extinction……

“Imagine sending your child to a school with a leaky roof, busted windows and a rodent infestation.
Or worrying whether the elementary school where you take your daughter every day is really a health hazard.
Or telling your teenager to feel good about attending a school with no sports or athletic programs of any kind in winter or summer and no instrumental music classes.”

Yes… right here in Wilmington*, beginning in 2015-2016……


How many of the preliminary steps do you recognize?

A)  branding of public schools as “failing” based on the No Child Left Behind laws,

B)  mass school closures and influx of new charter schools,

C) Closures pushed by wealthy philanthropists and private foundations and re-openings run by private management companies.

D)  Basic structure of school financing being rigged to benefit these privately managed companies,

E) Public-school money follows students when they move to charter schools, but the public schools’ costs do not fall by the same amount … It has been estimated that partly because of these costs, each student who enrolls in a charter school costs their district as much as $7,000.  Each… student…. $7,000 X 4000 in Rodney Square Complex = $28,000,000….. of cost added onto budgets cut thin by the loss of funding following that student…..

F) Stubbornly insisting that funding a full curriculum and smaller classes would be really bad for students, and recommending proper “leadership” instead, all while acknowledging it must come with a proper “pricetag” as well.

G)  A funding plan that basically constitutes a human rights crime, involving taking away much, under the pretense of giving in a little…..

*(no white people were harmed while exercising this option….)


Sound vaguely familiar?  It should…  Between now and January 1st, every Delaware legislator both new and old, needs a call from you telling them that Wilmington is already better than Philadelphia and that we don’t need to be pushed to its decrepit level just to make Charter Owners wealthy….

We’ve been put in the car and strapped down with seat belts… The time to protest is right now!  Because SOON in order to save ourselves (our children) it will involve ejecting from moving vehicles…..