The language portion of the Smarter Balanced Assessment is designed to fail children in poverty, and elevate those from affluent suburban white families….

Here is the text from one of the tests….

Den, Fox staat fuh talk. E say to eself, a say, “Dish yuh Crow duh ooman, enty? Ef a kin suade um fuh talk, him haffuh op’n e mout, enty? En ef e op’n e mout, enty de meat fuh drop out?”
Fox call to de Crow: “Mawnin tittuh, ” e say. “Uh so glad you tief da meat fum de buckruh, cause him bin fuh trow-um-way pan de dog… E mek me bex fuh see man do shishuh ting lukkuh dat.”
Crow nebbuh crack a teet! All-time Fox duh talk, Crow mout shet tight pan de meat, en a yez cock fuh lissin.

Now answer:

What gender is the crow?

a) male b) female c) undisclosed d) not relevant

What was cocked to listen?

a) privates b) ears c) head from neck up d) buttocks

The correct answers were “b” and “b”; how did you do?  Since that was fun, let us do another one?

arachnids have eight

(Please click image to enlarge and read…. Then if extremely curious, respond with your best guess in the Comment section below…)

This text from the Smarter Balanced Assessment is pretty easy IF YOU ARE WHITE!!!!

But to an African American who has guardians who speak colloquially, as the first story describes, this is an impossible question to answer correctly…  It is a guess based on what sounds right.  None of the answers (a),*(b),*(c),*(d),* are incorrect.  Depending on ones parent’s cadence, each of them will sound the more correct to different test takers…

Those who have parents who speak in Common Core (ha,ha), will do fine.  To them the answer will be obvious.

But how do you teach this?  How can you tell someone who listens to colloquial English spoken with an accent, whose brain was formed its first year on the very rhythms above, whose world must first be translated into that language to be understood… which of the above true statements is the “most” correct?  Do YOU even know what the Common Core director arbitrarily deems from his mighty perch to be the “most” correct?

(leave your best guess below)

Would any of these suffice if spoken in the Bank of America building off Paper Mill Road? Of course.  No one would interrupt the speaker and say, “Ma’am, you didn’t say that in proper English.”

Would any of these suffice if spoken on the floor of our General Assembly?  Of course… (have you ever heard Sen Bonini?)  Not even Judus Lavelle would stand up and tell Colin his English was incorrect, because… it isn’t.

But because children of 6 schools close to the Mega Charter building could not pick the one exact answer David Colemen deemed to be the one true epitome of the English Language on this question and others, all their teachers are to be fired and only half rehired;  a principal of 3 months is demoted and a new $160,000 leader is brought in to scream, yell, disrupt, and cause chaos so broad, that only a multi-state mega-charter outfit is then deemed capable of fixing what was purposefully broken.

Because of one test question:… a test question designed to reflect what Mr. and Mrs. Common Core raised their child from birth to understand was the single most perfect of perfection of the English language…  Says who?


That is the whole point…  A very arbitrary question at which even adults have to guess, is what decides a person’s career, a school’s status, a child’s entire future…..


Are you beginning to see the madness driving this school priority takeover?  I’m sure it makes some sense in a world like Alice in Wonderland, which more and more, is appearing to be reflective of the Delaware’s DOE’s every day thinking….


As the saying goes:  “if you can’t beat ’em .. join ’em”, … so please join me in saying: “OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!! “