Most likely yes, over which many unfamiliar to Common Core will no doubt scratch their heads.  All officials who defended Common Core lost.  All who attacked Common Core won.  But what about where Common Core was not on the ballot or ever brought up?

If you hate Common Core, Obama gets the blame.  Even though far removed, there are enough emails out there linking Obama to Common Core; (probably equal to as many as link him to being born in Kenya).

And as all readers here already know, everyone who gets touched directly by Common Core, comes to hate Common Core… In a recent Gallop Poll, they concluded that  their evidence showed that those who have no involvement in Common Core tend to support it, albeit in an abstract way; those who are involved, have a deep visceral resentment….

I’ll try to explain it for those twenty-somethings in think tanks who have no kids, and think the only valid reason to come into work tired is if one has a hangover from the night before.

Tired as you are, you help your child with homework.  You go, What the fvck is this?  Why  is so stupid? Why are they teaching this to my kids?  What happened to the good education we got in school?  Where 2 + 2 = 4?

And it makes you mad. Very mad. Especially when you think of how damaging it will be to America if none of our children can do math, can read anything more complex than a 140 character text message… It makes you very angry,… And no one is talking about it.  You research: so it came from Obama?  I’ll show him…..

To any parent there is nothing more toxic than Common Core… Remember that legislators.  Remember that… There is nothing more toxic than Common Core (unless it’s charter schools)..

Democrats found out. And it will get worse, much worse, with mandatory test taking this spring.