I would be talking about auditor Tom Wagner.  I’m sure Dem’s and Brenda are scratching their heads wondering:  “what happened….”  I’ll tell  you.

I’ll direct your attention here.

election totals

If you click on the above link in another tab, you can see that some parallels occur between the Simpler race and Mayrack one.

What is interesting is that Sussex County gave 41,215 votes for Simpler and 40,156 for Wagner… Meaning that for the most part those voting for Simpler voted for Wagner too. In Kent County, Simpler had 23,190 while Wagner had more, 24,597 (those voting for Green treasurer Chandler then voted  for Wagner). In New Castle County  the spread was tighter.. 55,400 versus 55,332.

Wilmington proper gave the Dem’s their biggest push… Barney got 6,600 and Brenda got 7,500 over their respective Republican opponents.

Now compare these numbers to  the county totals of  Kevin Wade:….. Sussex = 34,067, Kent = 19,527;  Rural New Castle = 43,310; and Wilmington = 1915.

In Sussex 7,000 more voted for Simpler than Wade.  In Kent, that number was 2,800 more. In Rural New Castle County it stood at 12,000.  In Wilmington 1,300.  Statewide, 23,100 votes did not vote for “Mr. Border Ebola” or Mrs. Izzo, but did vote for Simpler, and carried Wagner along for the ride as well….

Brenda lost to Wagner by 10,000 in Kent County, and 21, 000 in Sussex.  She picked up 12,000 extra in the North, shorting her still by about 19.000 in the end.

Statewide, only 6 votes separated the vote totals of Wagner from Simpler, whereas Mayrack picked up 3,700 more votes over Barney.

Despite Mayrack’s dominating performance in the WDEL debate that caused everyone who listened to it to vote for her, downstate too few people heard it to make a difference.

Although we tend to call Delaware a blue state because of our congressional delegation as well as our blue state offices and blue controlled chamber of our General Assembly, it would be best to keep in mind that there are parts of Delaware that aren’t blue at all…

Had not Simpler been such a strong candidate, Wagner wouldn’t have ridden in on his coat tails, thereby making him the luckiest man alive….