This is a non partisan issue.  School reformers are in both parties, are intent on eradicating the Public School system as we know it, from inner city America… One word: charters.

Advocates for children, especially children who are poor, who are urban, who are minority, who have a disability, who have parents who speak in a tongue that is not English, are also scattered across both parties.  For the most part progressives and tea party radicals see exactly the same issue with the same set of eyes….  For education to work, it must do so from the bottom up.. not the top down…  Advocates for children, put party needs underneath the needs of children….. American public schools are the best institution out there, if allowed to run right and built from the bottom up.

So why the title?

Teachers.  And teachers need a strong union for public schools to thrive.   Republicans as a rule tend to eradicate unions, again starting from the top down…  If you can find a Republican who still like Ronald Reagan, remains a staunch defender of unions and of all the good they do, then my title may be an aberration in your local district.  For as he well knew, once being the head of one himself, Unions = Freedom.

If we let unions collapse in the teaching profession, we force the teaching profession to collapse as well.  There may be fallout across the economy… but that must be the subject of another post… Right now we are talking about teachers.

If teachers have to worry about keeping their jobs, they won’t be worrying about whether our children learn all they possibly can.  The protection of due process which means a teacher can’t be fired for example simply because her boss doesn’t like her, is important for the continuity of our children’s education…  Getting rid of unions has absolutely no impact on getting rid of BAD teachers… There are adequate ways to do that.  Getting rid of unions is primarily about getting rid of GOOD teachers, who otherwise would remain there until they retired.

They may want good teachers removed because they are not corporate enough. Because they are unattractive.  Because they want to replace them with poorly trained cheaper help. Because these old teachers care way too much about how their children learn, and less about how well they are make the boss appear to his boss and his peers.

We must have strong unions and that means votes for Republicans may appear to help now, but will cause problems later They are the party of anti-union… Warning, not all democrats are pro union either… That old concept of Democrats being friendly to unions seems to have fallen by the wayside these days…

However the reality remains. A strong teachers union, capable of standing up to Republicans and Democrats who want to destroy the American public school system, is imperative…

Which is why Republicans should not get your vote if you care about continuing public education… (quiz your local republican on the vitality of his local teacher union.)

The best pro union votes here in Delaware do not come from either major party.  They are as follows….

US Senate:   Andrew Groff  (Green Party)

US House:  Bernard August  (Green Party)

State Attorney General:  Catherine Damavandi (Green Party)

House Representatives 22nd district: Steve Newton  (Libertarian)


Strong unions are required for strong teachers. Voting for a candidate who is morally against unions will do long- term harm, even if you agree to his short term position…  The strongest union-supporting candidates are these individuals above who do not fit in with either major party, since both of them fawn after corporate dollars more than they follow the needs of their constuients.