It is not so much class warfare.  It is not so much rich versus poor.  It is not so much whites against minorities…. it is not so much conservatives against liberals….  It is about hate.

Some of you have seen it before.  The white society of the south who resented Kennedy making the Negro equal… The SDS of the 60’s anti-war movement who felt that domestic terrorism was the only option for positive change.   The midwest conservatives who supported the Oklahoma City bombing because no conservatives were killed in that explosion. The black panthers who felt armed insurrection was the only thing whitey would takes seriously….

Why do we hate so much?  Looking at it long and hard over many years if pressed, I would correlate hate to frustration… As our frustration levels rise, our hate does as well. As frustration lowers, hate does as well….

This explains a lot.  It explains how when Obama won, the “haters” rallied against him. It explains how when the Tea Party upset the status quo in 2010, different “haters” rallied against all of them….  it explains how ISIS can do what it does in Iraq. It explains how Russian separatists can shoot down a commercial airliner with little kids excited to be going on vacation.  It explains how when 27 people die in Sandy Hook, gun nuts went ballistic. It explains how when the Eagles are losing, fights break out.

It is about frustration…. Not about right or wrong. Not about science or religion. Not about love or hate…  But frustration that the tides of time are changing and they do not bode well for the status quo with which we have become comfortable…..

Hence the animosity of the Republican Party against the Republican health care plan (one they created and tried to sell to America), simply because it was stolen to become the Affordable Health Care Act.  Now if their idea becomes a success, someone else will get the credit for it.

Essentially, what we are seeing across the board is the demise of democracy…  The elite have taken over almost everything.  They control our news sources. They control our sports teams. They control our education. They control our politicians.  They control our finances. They control our credit scores. They control our power usage. They control our internet speeds. They control our gas prices. They control.

And it frustrates the hell out of us.

A person cannot get ahead…. We have to beat up on someone or we will explode….

The question is… is that how we really want to live?  if we do, then we shouldn’t complain for we are getting exactly what we ask for…

You may wonder why post this at this time?  That is a valid question… You see today, I have listened to our local US Senate debate, US House debate, state treasurers debate (all done recently), and it became apparent that the Democratic Chris Coons doesn’t care about individuals… Certainly the Democratic John Carney doesn’t care about individuals. Neither does treasurer candidate Sean Barney care about individuals.  Instead in all their points it was obvious that they were jockeying to curry favor with the elite with deep pockets by scoring a point here and a point there.  All three reminded me of Smithers sucking up to Mr. Burns by making his points in the meetings for him….

Republicans only care about the rich.  That too is a no brainer… They are worse than the Dem’s.  And so where does that leave us?

Third Party.  For the Senate, Congressional, and attorney general’s office, candidates who are very in tune with the real needs of people, are running.  These three are very fine people. (And I should add the libertarian 22nd state delegate candidate for good measure).

I can remember being disappointed when my parents decided to throw their votes away on independent candidates back when they realized both major parties were decrepit and neither was concerned with their interests.  They simply couldn’t stomach voting either Republican or Democratic across the span of two presidential elections…  I now understand how they felt.

Almost all of us believe we somehow face some form of accountability when we die.  It may be from ourselves in our last moments.  It may be from those we leave behind.  It may be from a higher power.  Obviously it is something we can’t know ahead of time, and must face at some point and once we do, it is too late to tell others we’ve already left behind.

Therefore each of us is afraid to vote for someone we can’t stand because to someone or thing, we will have to explain that mis-vote later.  This gets balanced against the notion that voting for any  third party candidate is irrelevant, that is unless many people all come together to do the same.  Then it is very relevant.

Most of us understand that some people are conservatives and some are not.  That doesn’t bother many of us… What does bother most people is when either or both dismiss us entirely as not being important and instead, hover around someone else and perform his bidding which is often the exact opposite of ours…

The only way to break this cycle is to replace management.  We are the stockholders!  If our managers are in collusion with our competitors, then we need to replace them….  Since both Republicans and Democrats are serving the same master (it isn’t us)… we need to replace them with someone loyal to us.

Nice thing is, none of these third party candidates are looneys… (You know the type, always wearing cowboy hats in public)   These are genuinely good people who if by miracle found themselves in office, would be quite loyal to those of us who put them there…. ..

They were also the stars in every single one of the debates….   If you want a human being to vote on legislation affecting you and not an agent of some lobbyist operation that buys and sells Senators and Congresspeople…. then you should seriously consider the following….

US Senator:   Andrew Groff

Rep in Congress:  Bernard August

Rep in Congress:  Scott Gesty

Attorney General:  Catherine Damavandi

22nd Rep:  Steve Newton

Third party candidates usually get short shift… Which is why, as soon as the election is over, we all then get short shifted by those lobbyist sponsored candidates who then run over top us in their efforts to please their masters.

If you want a candidate to pay attention to you…. This is the election to go all out for a third party…

Seriously… These are some fantastic people we have running here… Far better than what either major party is offering….  This is one chance when what usually is considered a vote for “none of the above” is actually a vote for the best possible candidate who will do what the Constitution says they should do:  represent us, their constituents….