Remember back when you were in elementary school and would go over to a friend’s house and they would pull out a game and you would be all excited because you’d seen that game advertised and now had the chance to play it? Remember as you started winning how they would suddenly make up “rules” that prevented you from moving forward but allowed them to do so with impunity?

What could you do?

  • A) You could argue your point, but it was their house and their game so that never worked.
  • B) You could go to their mommy or daddy, but that made you look ridiculous in even your own eyes, so that was out too.
  • C) You could say:  “I don’t like this; I’m not playing anymore”….

And when you chose C; what could they do?

That is where we find ourselves now with this smarter balanced assessment…

70% of Delaware’s students will fail this test…. Not because they are dumb.  Because Mark Murphy told AIR, the company that makes, administers, and grades the test, that he wants the bottom 70%, NO MATTER WHAT THE SCORE,  to fail…..

(That is how these tests work; the preferred cut score is set as a percent by the purchaser (Delaware DOE) and that cut is the product they get upon payment to that testing agency.)

And the low scores will be blamed on the tests being “smarter”… as in Smarter Balanced Assessments…

However all parents and teachers (and almost everyone who does not receive their paycheck from organizations involved with promoting Common Core) who have direct experience taking the tests…. all say that the test is not smarter…. It is stupider… Really stupid… So stupid that it becomes a guessing game as to what question is even being asked… So stupid that our most intelligent parents, say that right answer is not even on the test at all… The child, if they do everything correctly, has to choose from among 4 wrong answers ….

Obviously this is an exercise in futility.  Obviously the tests do not help a child with learning, and obviously they establish either a false sense of confidence if the child happens to guess correctly, or a false sense of failure if they guess less than super lucky…

Parents are quick to jump on any grown up who demeans his little league player which drops a ball, or throws a wild pitch, or strikes out..  They say, don’t make him a failure for something that is normal for children to do.  The same ferocity needs to be aimed at Mark Murphy, who like Arne Duncun will soon be castigating today’s children as “dumber then their white suburban moms think they are.”  But the children are not dumb.

It’s the test that is dumb… Do you have children?  Are they in school?  Will they be taking the Smarter Balanced test this Spring?  Have YOU, as their parent, already taken the test in their grade to see what it is like?  What?  You haven’t?  What kind of parent are you?

Their tests are here….  If you haven’t already, you should be taking this test cold, just as your children will be forced to do, and see if you agree with the thousands of parents who have taken it before you.

  • “These questions make no sense.”
  • “This is so complicated. Why can’t they just ask us in English?”
  • “I know math, and this isn’t math. It’s make believe.”
  • “Holy cow, this is the dumbest wording of anything I have ever seen.  And I grade children’s papers!”
  • “Adults actually wrote this?”
  • “I had questions like this on my final college exam.  Why are we expecting little children to pass this?”
  • “How does one teach this stuff?  It is so stupid I can’t believe it?”
  • “Who in the @#$%^&  comes up with this sh/t?”

There is no way to win on this test.  There are no right or wrong answers and it is one giant bad game for our children to take the test and then have results spit out randomly…. It is quite possible for children to randomly guess and get a better score than a smart child who not seeing the correct answer available, picks the wrong one….

Unlike tests in school, there is no way any parent or teacher or administrator can ever see the test in order to ever challenge the answer… It will be what they say it is…

Opting out is all about the test…  To really understand the drive behind opting out… you have to take the test When dealing with anyone supportive of Common Core,  such as … Governor Markell, Mark Murphy, Penny Schwinn, Greg Lavelle, Harris McDowell, Dave McBride, Bruce Ennis, Pete Schwartzkoph, Valerie Longhurst, Byron Short, Terry Hodges of Delaware PTA, Frederica Jenner of DSEA, The News Journal Editorial Board, Matthew Albright,  your first question needs to be:  what was your score on the test?

If they haven’t taken it…. they don’t know what they are talking about…. They’re just blowing carbon dioxide.  But, beware!  If they HAVE taken the test, and are STILL in favor of it…. be very afraid….. they are very, very, very evil….  Only the most sinsister, the most despicable, the most horrendous, the most unkempt, the most pedophiliac, can enjoy inflicting this upon your children….

If you actually knew your child’s pediatrician was abusing your children… would you still send them to him?  You would?  Then don’t opt out of Common Core’s Smarter Balanced Assessments this upcoming Spring…..