Less effective spending than was done in the Minner administration is the second cause of low test scores.  (The first cause is the implementation of Common Core and redo of tests).

A.  Since 2008, yearly funding for education has decreased by these amounts.

  • Reading Resource Teachers                    $9,413,500
  • Math Specialists                                           $3,071,700
  • Limited English Proficiency Grant          $1,625,000
  • Technology Block Grant                            $1,354,000
  • School Based Discipline Program          $8,213,900
  • Tax Relief Allocation                                  $17,549,500
  • Academic Excellence Allotment               $4,595,600
  • Early Time Programs                                $10,428,000
  • Tuition Reimbursement                             $1,100,000
  • Teacher Cadre and Mentoring                $1,128,400

Total State Program Eliminations              $58,497,600

B.  Further reductions in State funds since 2008:

  • Division II AOC Unit Value                      $3,274,020
  • Division II Energy Value                          $2,455,515
  • Professional Development Funding  $1,300,000

Total Further State Fund Reductions      $7,029,535

C.  Costs Shifted From State Funding to Local Funding:

Shift of 10% Transportation Costs              $7,133,800

Annual Local Cost for OEC Rate Increase $ 6,771,020

Annual Local Cost for Unit Growth              $21,587,400

Total Costs Shifted State To Local                $35,492,220

Against the backdrop of the total of these three subtotals:  $101,019,355 of the yearly money taken away from day-to-day educational costs, $27,425,100 was returned under the budget line “Educational Sustainment Fund”;  meaning our schools currently run on a deficit-of-less-state-money each year to the tune of $73,594,255.

Against this deficit, they want to spend $0.25 million in each partnership school per year, the bulk going to pay a leader they will pick and pay $0,16 million per year salary.

So when you starve schools by $73,594,255 million dollars a year, and they still keep scores up despite the new disastrous curriculum of Common Core,  what you have is rather great system over which any other corporate executive would  be exceedingly proud…. 

It is not the teachers fault.  It is not the student’s fault.  It is not the parent’s fault… If anything it is poverty’s fault and the only way to move the needle there, is to enact programs that employ more people earning higher wages lasting lifetimes and to stop catering only to the profits of the top one percent as being the only thing important….

Which means tax these people at a fairer higher rate:

Rod Ward III is Corporation Service Company president and CEO. Rob Buccini is The Buccini/Pollin Group, Inc. co-president. Chris Buccini is The Buccini/Pollin Group, Inc. co-president. Nick Marsini is PNC Bank Delaware regional president. Chip Rossi is Bank of America Delaware market president. Mark Stellini is Delaware State Chamber of Commerce, chair, board of directors. 🙂

And not force the accumulation of their largess directly upon the backs of inner city children learning to read and write, add, subtract, multiply, and divide.

In Delaware, people making billions ($400,000,000,000) per year, are taxed at rates just as low as those making one single penny more than barely $59,999.99 a year…  That has to change. We need higher tax rates for billionaires.

That extra money (roughly $70,000,000) per year, should then be spent on:

  • 11:1 Student Teacher Ratios in all schools k-5 (and 9th Grade) with >50% reduced lunch.
  • Grouping like-students together in groups of 11 based on  the similarity of their testing scores so they all can learn at the same pace.
  • Making each teacher accountable for each of those 11 students to achieve growth results.
  • Removing all accountability from the yearly standardized testing mechanism and use the Smarter Balanced as diagnostic tool only.

And if the Chamber of Commerce scoffs at this now-accepted necessary required changes, we know they were only trying to score “political points”, and don’t really give a damn about any children at all.