“There is tremendous support for the priority plan”, said Delaware’s Secretary Mark Murphy.

  • It wasn’t at the press announcement, where all the political speakers qualified their statements afterwards.
  • It isn’t with the teachers inside the schools being prioritized.
  • It isn’t with parents whose children now have intense disruption over the next 4 years.
  • It isn’t with the School Boards that will have to undertake this MOU just when RTTT was done and they could begin their own focus.
  • It isn’t with the News Journal, who since being called out by Nancy and Connie has been more honest in its own pronouncements.
  • It isn’t with bus or other services who have contracts with each of these schools and now will undergo new negotiations with some new dickhead.
  • It isn’t with members of the General Assembly.

In fact…. there is absolute zero support for this initiative… Who are these mysterious shadowy people? What freaky world does Mark Murphy live in?