One hundred years ago this past August,  Germany issued Belgium an ultimatum….. For 9 years the Schlieffen Plan had been Germany’s plan of action if it were to go to war with any of the Triple Entente.   The simplified plan was as followed… If Russia declared war on Germany, Germany would first attack and wipe out France (Russia’s ally) and then move those troops cross country to attack Russia.  Since the French border was defended, the Germans thought they would go through Belgium; seal off the coast from possible British reinforcements, and turn in and capture Paris from the South and West… The assumption was all along that Belgium would acquiesce and allow safe passage… after all, it was neutral…. what else could it do?…..

Little Belguim decided it could not let this go.

The Belgian Government are firmly resolved to repel, by all the means in their power, every attack upon their rights.

That sure put a dent in a lot of people’s plans. A lot of people have wondered what would have happened otherwise.  The Germans would have marched through as planned and encircled Paris and the French Army before France could shift its forces to counter. Southern France may have fought on but the northern tier including Paris would lie under German control… History, would have been different.

But … Belgium didn’t.  It chose to fight and though completely outmatched and soon overrun, became the primary reason the tightly timed Schlieffen Plan failed after its first day.  Belgium tied Germany up for more than a week and that gave French and British time to dig in in the West…

As it was, a Great War still ensued. Millions lost their lives over literally nothing, and it was a terrible mess, which precipitated an even worse mess 30 years later.

But today Belgium is still around, it’s independent, and it holds the capital of the EU.

What is the lesson?

The lesson is that sometimes one does have to stand up for principle.  The lesson to be learned is that when major wrong is being done, when you are expected to cow down and give in, that not doing so may disrupt their plans enough so something good may come out of it after all.  But most likely it boils down to simple fact, that had you given in without a fight, you lose automatically.  It becomes a foregone conclusion with no recourse to rectify; you gave up and lost.  But, if you fight,… then at least, there is always hope.  At its worse, you will be beaten and lose anyway… What was the difference… At best, things may happen in this great big world putting help on your side and together turn the tide after all… It’s a big world. There is always hope….. If your side ultimately does win; all win.

What does this lesson teach to the two districts having to vote on MOU’s for 3 schools going into the priority districts?

a)  if you are right, don’t give in. Stand on your principles.

b)  no matter how bad it looks, if you are right, you have to make a stand.

c)  if you are right, help will come.

d)  if you are right, time is on your side, not theirs. All delay is advantageous.

That is the lesson for Red Clay and Christina… If they are going to do something horrible to these schools and you agree, like Quisling you will forever take the blame for being the coward who let it happen.  You will be who history focuses on; not them… If it happens anyway, there is no change; they would have happened if you had acquiesced or not.

But if you say:  this is wrong, then all those who believe in doing right will line up on your side to help you fight that wrong… Again, they may not be enough, but if evil is to transpire, and make well note here, charters are evil, then it is best you not be around to see it…

These two districts are like tiny Belgium who have just been given an ultimatum….. Become Charters “or else”.…  It is time to give “or else” at try… It is a far better choice than the alternative…… .