By Delaware’s Department of Education….

Pursuing a narrow agenda not sanctioned by 90% of Delaware’s citizens…….

To benefit friends, cronies, and investors in Markell’s New Vision for Delaware’s Corporate Future……..


Administrative Code: Title 14: 100: 103 which is titled: Accountability for Schools, Districts, and State, 10.0: Process states under 10.1: The Department shall provide districts and schools with preliminary notification of a school’s identification pursuant to 7.0 no later than the end of July following the school year on which the identification is based, and final notice shall be given no later than August 1st.


Though submitted to the US DOE in a letter dated July 21st, districts were not notified until September 4th. forcing them in 26 days to decide upon a frivolous course of action…

As with any contract dispute, a violation of any tacit of the contract, causes the whole contract to become null and void. That this violation occurred, can only mean that under a non-corrupt decision, that this as would any other contract dispute, be thrown out for a year, until proper deadlines could be met…..

To be decided otherwise goes backwards on all history of contract law, and means corruption, not correctness, took over the court’s proceedings…