(^ H/t John Young.)

We are destroying equity, excellence, and limiting opportunity by implementing Common Core and using the Smarter Balanced Assessment as the one only guide to rate our students..  We are using one single metric, which is “how well children learn English in the “New Criticism” fashion”, to judge their entire worth…

By doing this we are destroying equity by separating winners away from losers. We are destroying excellence by narrowing all knowledge down to just one of many approaches to intellectual criticism, and we are limiting all opportunity for all but those tiny few who with luck and help from above, navigate through the tiniest of opening to emerge in the land of the privileged…

If our curriculum does not overthrow Common Core and the Smarter Balanced Assessments:

  • There can be no public school taught doctors;
  • There can be no public school taught lawyers:
  • There can be no public school taught scientists:
  • There can be no public school taught teachers:
  • There can be no public school taught economists:


They will be have been shorted the tools they needed to go further.  Common Core shuts the only door of opportunity a child not born of millionaires still has… public education.  One can only learn what one is taught.  Common Core teaches nothing. At the end of 12 years, students know nothing.


Forget opportunity for Afro-Americans. for Hispanics, even for Asians, or for whites… Only money will determine whose children will be hired at high rates and today’s going rate is $25,000 a year for private non-Common Core schools… After all, private teaching is how all education was performed throughout the world’s history until 20th Century America first experimented with its then brand-new democratic idea of offering education to everyone across one’s society…


The bedrock of Americanism is under attack.  Forget ISIS… Your biggest national security threat is closer than you think… Wake your asses up…