WESTMINSTER, Colo. (CBS4) – There’s no school for Standley Lake High School or Conifer High School on Friday.

Many teachers at both schools called in sick overnight, so school officials decided to cancel classes.

This follows debate at Thursday night’s JeffCo School Board meeting over two controversial issues, including the creation of a review board to look at how American history is taught and changes to how teachers are compensated….

In recent weeks, conflict has centered around a new teacher compensation model the board adopted earlier this month that bases teacher raises on their evaluation ratings, as well as around a proposed new committee to review curriculum on criteria such as whether it promotes patriotism…..

When teacher’s feel compelled to take action of perceived wrongs, the administration has the perfect manipulation at their disposal.  Immediately, Dan McMinimee, Jeffco’s superintendent began to use the classic manipulation technique that has been popularized by abusive spouses for generations...

“While I respect the opportunity for free speech and expression, I think there are other ways to work through these differences without putting kids in the middle,” said Dan McMinimee, Jeffco’s superintendent, at a press conference today.

No.  No there isn’t… At least as far as Common Core goes.  Refresh time.

  • Delaware signed onto Common Core through the signature of the Governor and Secretary of Education with zero input from parents, teachers, legislators, lawyers, or experts.
  • Common Core policy change was rammed through Delaware’s Senate in a 5-0 committee hearing and a 21-0 in under one minute; no discussion encouraged or allowed. It was not on the agenda, but offered as a surprise.
  • Common Core was rushed on the next legislative day to be put up in the House, and had 4 out of 41 in opposition.  That low number corresponded to 4 who had been alerted over the weekend as to the damage that Common Core was capable of fostering.
  • Common Core was signed days later by the Governor before any controversy could be stirred up against it…
  • The Charter School changes made policy in HB 165 (EARL JACQUES) were created in a top secret, private meeting of hand picked proponents of Charter School takeover,  No public awareness was ever given, and the Attorney General’s Office upon review, said the entire arrangement was ILLEGAL under Delaware State Law. The judgment was passed, long after the bill had been rushed through and become law…  But with more vocal opposition this time.
  • When the Smarter Balanced Assessment was defeated, Delaware legislator Republican Greg Lavelle from the Senate 4th District in the Brandywine Hundred, sold out all children when he switched his vote for the chance to be on Chuck Todd’s weekly broadcast featured as a “rising Republican STAR”
  • The DSEA, the teachers’ own union, has been in bed with the current administration and sold out all teachers supposedly for a place at the governor’s table..  Teachers cannot even turn to their union anymore.  It is corrupt.
  • The News Journal turns a blind eye to the damage this program will do, ignoring by now, thousands of teachers’ letters, choosing  only to publish what the Governor’s office tells it that it must say.


So what does a teacher do, with full support of every parent in their district, when they can no longer trust their administrator… they can no longer trust their union…. they can no longer trust their legislator…. they can no longer trust their state-wide elected officials…. they can no longer trust their local press….

What avenue is left for a teacher to follow when they see children being manipulated, bullied, mutilated, abused, punished for poverty, and smashed against hard stupidity???

They do what every human being SHOULD do…. They protect the children….  by the only way they have left…. They get sick and the children are saved.

While a ‘sick out’ is illegal for teachers, such actions are very difficult to prove.  It’s hard to demonstrate which teachers were actually taking an approved sick day, and those that were not.  Such measures are therefore a very peaceful way of taking a stand, and involve a very low risk factor.