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This charts over time the gradual tightening of the graduation rates for America’s students… Once can travel from 2006 to 2012 and across those six years, watch the world change before their eyes…

All which will be reversed from 2013 onward, as Common Core becomes entrenched and student face the gauntlet of guessing and hoping for a great future.

This is important because it shows that the educational reformers claims that education to be failing our students is simply a combination of  mis-truth,  lies, or unreliable marketing statements.

For without charters, for without curriculum changes, for without component 5, for without secret star chamber changing legislative acts, …. our children were improving. We were making great gains until we decided to mess things up; until we decided to destroy what is working and replace it with something so new, no one knows if it will work or not.

Today’s American children are being educated better than ever in our American history…  (By today, I meant  UP  TO  when Common Core began its advent… Since there is a 2 year delay on figures getting to the public, that may not be true anymore).

So take a few moments, slide the cursor over the years and watch with your own eyes how education has improved without the reformers, but was accomplished through the public system and bureaucratic inertia.  And pray there is still time to to revert, if everyone opts out this year and the program falls flat from lack of public support….


graduation rates 2006


graduation rates 2012