“Colonial School Superintendent Dr. Dusty Blakey says 33 other students live less than a mile from school and walk to school even inclement weather.”

Who here has ever walked a mile?

A mile…  Is a walk that normally takes 20 minutes.  It is halfway around Glasgow Park.  It is a tour the full length down and back in Battery Park.  It is like walking from Grotto’s Pizza on Newark’s Main Street to the STAR campus construction entrance. It is like walking from Christiana Hospital to Delaware Park, In Dover it is like walking from the Capitol up to Silver Lake.  In Rehoboth, it is like walking from Dolles to Dewey Beach….

And we make children have to walk that distance, every day? Really? We do that?

Oh, I know there are always that minority who will huff and brag their grand-pappies walked 7 miles to go to school…(without nary a clue as to how many days they decided to not go- no one minded so much back then).

But in today’s crowded world, walking a mile is mathematically damning a child to at least one dangerous moment; quite possibly two across the span of their education.)

I could see a limit on a block, maybe 2… But to have a mile as the minimum for bus transport?  And force children to walk it?  And say there is nothing you can do?

I know bus drivers who individually know they drive right past a house and will stop to let the child get off and run up the grass instead of having to walk back the 6 blocks they just drove down.  Why then cannot this be done from the top?

Especially when the student has spinal bifida?

Send the  damn bus…. What’s wrong with people!