The six schools are scheduled to become charters once the dance has been played. 2 members of the state charter board have confirmed it. Without parental and teacher involvement, it will happen. The only way these schools can remain outstanding public schools, is for parents to be willing to back up their school boards in this fight.

Parents must threaten to opt out of all standardized testing if this MOU priority school debacle is not dropped completely. One, not only will it send a proper signal, that public schools rule, charters drool, but it will also be psychologicallyhealthier for your child not to take the test…

There is considerable pressure from the DOE bearing down on these school board members… The only way they cannot bend is for you to apply the counter pressure yourselves….

The two districts are Red Clay and Christina. Each have 3 schools in jeopardy..

Red Clay:

Kenneth Rivera, President Email:
Michael Piccio, Vice President Email:

Mervin Daugherty, BOE Executive Secretary & Superintendent

Adriana Bohm Email:
Faith Newton, Email:
Catherine Thompson Email:
Martin Wilson. Email:
Kenneth Woods. Email:


  • Dr. Freeman Williams, Superintendent
    PHONE:  302-552-2630


In every American city that has allowed charter schools into their city districts, educational quality has gone down. To name some: Washington DC, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Cleveland, Chicago, Atlanta, St. Louis, Boston, New York…

There is zero record of ANY DISTRICT ever doing better because of charter schools being added to the mix… Zero record.  Even a stopped clock is right two times a day. Adding Charter Schools in these six locations is like shooting a patient with a headache, six times so he forgets he had a headache…

Fixing these schools requires money… Demand that there shall be no accountability until the money is pro-offered first… At minimum there should be an additional $6 million per year per school or $36 million per year… Then, we can talk about accountability….