If one needed more evidence that our educational policy was being run by Clowns Anonymous, (and I most certainly intend that only as a most-complimentary term) it would be in the “breaking news” yesterday that you never heard.

Let me set you straight.  Wilmington Charter School which last year won a prize for being the best (Markell handed it out himself as a presser) was rated as failing that exact same year…  Yes, that is right!  Our top school that culls from only the top students in every northern district, was written off as failing by the current Secretary of Education Mark Murphy and his minions he has in place who do the writings…

Reason was:   the Secretary’s measure of performance is infallible.  Therefore it can only be the “school’s fault”. This is very parallel alongside his argument that schools he deems to be failing by his standards, have to be so by the “teacher’s fault”, the “school leader’s fault”, the “union’s fault”,… It is always everyone else’s fault because, face it, his method of determination is infallible; his decisions and measurements shall not be faulted….


Therefore since this is how the entire assessment, his entire modus operandi for judging schools has been set up, when a top school in the state does not fit in with that formula, despite all appearances to the contrary, it too, like Warner, Shortlidge, Baynard, Bancrot, Highlands, and Stubbs, has to be failing… It too, did not meet growth targets.

“His formula says so… ”

I’m just throwing this out there of course, but duh…. WHAT IF THE FORMULA BEING USED FOR ALL THESE CALCULATIONS IS THE INCORRECT ONE?  What if this anomaly of Wilmington Charter School is the very data that shows the entire premise to be someones once-thought-up magical illusion… What if Wilmington Charter School is today’s equivalent to the observation that Mars sometimes retraces its steps backwards, which is really evidence suggesting that perhaps the world is not the center of the planets, our sun is……  What if Wilmington Charter School disproves this philosophical model of only measuring growth, as moons orbiting Jupiter disproved all things only rotated around us here on the earth?

If you didn’t hear what happened, (and since neither the News Journal or radio picked this up there is good reason you didn’t),  Mark Murphy and the DOE berated Wilmington Charter for not showing enough growth this past year…

As Steve noted hereDE DOE officially lists CSW as failing in “growth” in both English and Math. Seriously …
98.8% of CSW students meet Math Standards, but only 42.9% reached their “growth targets.”.
99% of CSW students meet English Standards, but only 52.4% reached their “growth targets.”
In other words: DOE’s high-stakes testing growth targets are officially unreachable for ANY school in Delaware.

It is also worth noting that Charter School of Wilmington (CSW)” is listed as the 10th Best High School in the entire United States, that the AVERAGE SAT score coming out of CSW is 1880, and that the school is filled with the “cream of the crop.” (I will acquiesce to Steve’s better knowledge here without further verification.  Two of his own graduated out of there last spring.) Yet our illustrious educational leader apparently did not even know this so failed them because they did not fit into his short ranged model.


Let me explain the math.

Assume some freaking, blooming idiot boss demands you increase your output by 5% or risk firing….  If you are doing absolutely nothing at work that is easy… work 5% of the day, take the other 95% off and you have earned enough improvement so your job is safe… If you are only doing 20% of your potential, then do 25% and loaf the rest of the 75% of the time for you are safe… But if you are a go-getter already doing 97% of what is theoretically possible, at best you can only do 3% and that last 3% is very hard to do, and you come under the edict of 5%; sorry chum, you failed. You get fired….

How can a Secretary of Education not know this fundlemental principle of mathematics?    His flippant response:  I don’t do math; I was a gym teacher.

This is what happens when you pluck little kids who will only do what daddy tells them to do and put them in dangerous positions of leadership, which now, two years into Markell’s term all are beginning to see is the entire Achilles heel of this administration…  it’s all appearance and no depth. …

So the ranked tenth best school in America is flunked by a Secretary of Education who doesn’t even understand what a percent is!…..  (isn’t it one of those curly-cued things with a slanted line and two little circles at top and bottom? See, I DO know what a percent is)…..

When are the adults finally going to take over?

Looks like it is going to be a “rough” winter………..