On a letterhead proudly proclaiming it came from Secretary Mark Murphy, a calender listing the steps toward the MOU and school closure process was outlined…


In what was titled an “information” meeting, scheduled for September 12th, (yesterday),  it was as the agenda states: where the DDOE provides an informational meeting for Districts, individually, that walk through the Turnaround Guide and address initial questions about the School Plan”…

A meeting to “walk through the Turnaround Guide: and to “address initial questions”…..


One would think that someone rolling out a grand program of this scope would be present at this meeting he himself had scheduled, which would turn out to be most paramount, since it was the immediate response and first interaction between the Local District supers and the Department of Education since getting suckered punched on September 4th., 8 days earlier.

I mean:  doesn’t the coach at least show up at the game?

But a flunkee was sent instead.. Someone who only know what was written before them, and could only respond from the text that all had  previously read… Putting all in the bizarre comic situation of asking questions about the text to only have the direct text read back to them… Real questions, obviously were not answered….


Today here are the questions being asked around the entire state.

  1. Is the Secretary of Education suffering from a mental condition disabling him from facing confrontation over his controversial policies?
  2. Is the Secretary of Education simply dismissive of local school boards in general and feels it is beneath his exalted position to be associated with them?  We know how he runs Merv around like his “go-fer” and winks at others when he does so.
  3. Is the Secretary of Education already knowing he is converting the schools to charters so he really doesn’t need to be bothered with pretending like it is not already a foregone conclusion?
  4. Is the Secretary of Education so forgetful he didn’t write the date in his Daytimer after having the memo typed up by a secretary in his office?
  5. Was there a game of dodge-ball that was deemed more important than meeting with the Super’s of Red Clay and Christina School Districts, who will ultimately be responsible for the disruption this will cause 3000 Delawarean families?
  6. Is the Secretary of Education so afraid of matching wits with Rep. John Kowalko that upon hearing he would be there, the Secretary got weak bowels, cold chills and a fever?

Who knows?

And since no one does seem to know, (even Markell’s staff was clueless on Fri.) most likely anyone of the above is for the moment, all equally likely to be true!