That is taking place right now.  A top secret meeting between the Department of Education and the Supers and Boards of Red Clay and Christina districts in the Carvel building as we type.

John Kowalko is trying to attend despite being told that would be “inappropriate” by a current representative of the Executive Branch.  Kim William is also trying to attend.  I am hoping others will as well.

There are two ways to approach change…

A)  One is the Hitler method, commonly used in corporations where employees have only two choices, to accept the new way of doing things, or give up all financial income until another job is landed.

B)  The other is the method on which this nation was founded.  Bring all parties together, discuss options out in the open, and then vote, and go with the direction of that vote…..

Some people actually like option A.  Others prefer B….

There is no secret that Common Core, and Educational Reform is being channeled through option A.   Let’s refresh. SB51 which radicalized Delaware’s education was sprung out of nowhere by Sokola, and passed in a minute in the Senate, and with only 4 detractors in the House… HB 165 which ALEC’d Delaware’s educational laws, was developed by a secret Delaware Charter Group, whose secrecy was determined to actually violate Delaware Law, as ruled by the Attorney General’s office itself..  But before that ruling could come out, it was rushed through both Chambers and passed before anyone knew what was in it.  Suddenly we have 6 schools surprisingly being turned over into charters, It was announced 7 days ago, and today the meeting takes place, but only through a concerned citizens posting of the announcement did anyone know of it… (except for those invited in secret)…. In less than 19 days, these school systems will have to commit to this plan, or lose their schools. Something that affects  3000 families?

How could you possibly get feed back from 3000 families in 19 days?   Well, you could through those accountable to those people… UMMMM   THEIR REPRESENTATIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!

But no… They might mess up the secret plans… We can’t let anyone know about this until we’ve suckered punched them with the first blow…..

Our founding fathers would have called such tactics… British.  That just is not how we do things.